Your Guide to Taking Up Tennis

People are always looking for new ways to get fit, but one sport that is often overlooked is tennis. It’s a lot of fun to play and gives you a vigorous workout though, so why not try it out?


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Learn the Rules

To an outsider with no knowledge of the sport, the rules of tennis can seem pretty complex and confusing. But when you sit down and make the effort to learn them, they sink in pretty quickly. There are games, sets and matches. Men usually play to the best of 5 sets, and women to the best of 3.

The best way to get to grips with the point scoring system and the zones of the court, you should start watching as many tennis matches as possible. You’ll quickly pick up all the intricacies when you’re watching the professionals do their thing. Watching matches can also help you develop a passion for the sport.

Get the Right Gear

Before you hit the court, you’re going to have to get the right gear. Let’s start with the basic things. You’ll need a sturdy tennis racket and a bear of good shoes to begin with. You don’t want to be spending too much on the racket yet though, you don’t know if you’re going to like playing tennis yet.

When playing tennis, there’s no strict dress code. A t-shirt and shorts will do fine, the professionals often wear white, but you don’t need to follow that convention. As long as the clothes are comfortable they’ll do. Some embroidered headbands and sweatbands for your wrists are also options to consider.

Find People to Play Against

To start with, it’s best to play the game against people who are new to the sport like you. You want to be facing people of a similar ability, or it might get boring after a while. That’s why joining a local tennis club is often a good idea, there’ll be people of all abilities there for you to match up against.

It’s important to feel the social benefits of tennis, it’s not all about getting fit and learning a skill. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If there isn’t a tennis club in your local area, you could think about setting one up and advertising it in the local community.

Take Lessons if You Want to go Further

Once you have the basics understood, and you have a bit of experience on the court under your belt, you might want to take the next step. If you want to do this, you could consider joining a more intermediary tennis club or hiring a personal tennis coach to boost your set of skills.

A tennis coach might be quite expensive to hire, but if you want to take up the sport seriously, it’s definitely something worth considering. There’s no better way to improve your tennis skills quickly than having one on one tuition with someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

Playing tennis is a great way to get in better shape and meet new people, so don’t hesitate in picking up our racket!


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