Who Will Win This Year’s UEFA Champions League?


At this time of year we can all look forward to some cracking football games. In particular, this year’s UEFA Champions League is really exciting but who will win it? At the time of writing we still have the second leg of the semi finals and the final to look forward to.

Semi Final 1:  Juventus vs Real Madrid

This semi final is perfectly poised for an exciting second leg in Spain. The Italians have a narrow 2-1 lead but who would bet against the power of Real Madrid at home?  Gareth Bale disappointed in the first leg but Cristiano Ronaldo scored yet another goal, taking his tally for the season to another incredible new level. In all, he has scored 54 for Real Madrid this season so far and recently scored 5 in a single La Liga game. This goal also meant that he slipped ahead of Lionel Messi again in the all time Champions League scorers list. The Spanish team are probably favourites but it has to be said that Juventus have a great recent European record and looked excellent in the first leg. Perhaps the eventual outcome will depend upon whether a few of the big Real Madrid stars all have a good night or whether the Juventus organisation and team ethic makes the difference. Of course, the Italians can also count on highly skilful players such as Carlos Tevez and Andrea Pirlo.

Semi Final 2:  Barcelona vs Bayern Munich

On paper this semi final looks just clearer after the Spanish giants won 3-0 at home. However, the strength of the German champions is such that few people are taking the overall result for granted. The first leg way of such high quality and so interesting that the return leg in Germany is already highly anticipated among fans. The first game is one that will live long in the memory. Especially memorable was the contribution of Lionel Messi. His second goal was one of the finest from this year’s Champions League. It also edged him ahead of Ronaldo again in the Champions League scorers list, with 77 in the 100th European game. It will be fascinating to see if the Germans can make a remarkable comeback or if the classy Barcelona front line will cause them more damage.

The Final

So who can we expect to see play together in the final? Right now it seems possible that we could see another all-Spanish affair, after Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid battled it out last season. Certainly, this would give us the pleasure of seeing Messi and Ronaldo go head to head in the biggest game of the season. It could be one of the most exciting personal duels of all time, as both appear to be so far ahead of other players at this time but keep pushing each other to new levels of greatness. It is also possible that the Bayern team packed full of World Cup winners makes it to the final and that they add more medals to their collection. Juventus are perhaps the outsiders just now but the newly crowned Italian champions have some great players and are playing with a great deal of confidence. Whoever gets to the final, it is sure to be a fantastic occasion.

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