Wheelchair Rugby is the Ultimate Spectator Sport

Has England’s disappointing performance in the Rugby World Cup left you with a sour taste in tour mouth? Sick of seeing José Mourinho’s “the wife’s had me sleeping on the sofa” face in every news broadcast or press conference? Just a Leeds fan? Then it might be time to give another sport a try.

But what?

If you’re disenfranchised with your favourite sport at the moment, then it’s likely that a couple of reasons might be to blame; apathetic athletes, tyrannical owners, outright corruption, or too much salt in your pasta.

That means you’ll want to watch a sport with character, passionate athletes, white heat energy, and no wacky businessmen owners in sight. In that case, you might want to take a look at Wheelchair Rugby.

Created in the 1970’s by quadriplegic athletes looking to play a sport accessible to those with the most severe disabilities, wheelchair rugby is a true spectator sport. Full of crashes, tackles, and smashes that will make you wince, if you’ve not heard of wheelchair rugby you might know it by its earlier name; murderball.

Whilst tournaments and matches aren’t as frequent as the big money able bodied sports, if you’re interested in watching or even playing murderball then it’s likely there’ll be a club in your area you can head down to and support. Plus, with the success of BT’s World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge last month, it’s likely that some of the bigger matches will start to be televised a little more frequently.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about wheelchair rugby, then luckily Bristol Street Versa have put together an in depth A-Z guide. Take a look at it below, and head over to the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby site to find clubs and events in your area.


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