What Wimbledon 2015 Tells Us From The Rest of The Tennis Year


Wimbledon is done and dusted for another year and although it was not a great year for British tennis fans, it was nevertheless a great tournament for tennis fans – even if the end results were not particularly surprising.  With both the woman’s number one Serena Williams and men’s number one Novak Djokovic hammering the opposition to pick up wins, it serves as a good indicator for how the rest of the year will go.  In the following article we look at Wimbledon’s affects on the rest of the year.

Who Can Stop Sensational Serena?

While a great thing for the individual and the record books, it is never really surprising when one of the favourites wins one of the major tournaments of the year.  However, when the winner is Serena Williams and you factor in the fact that she is now 33 and after a few bad years seems to be in as good a form as she has ever been; you have to wonder, who can actually stop her?

She currently holds all 4 of the major titles, Wimbledon, US, Australian and French.  If she retains the US Open title later in the year, and judging by her performance this year so far it seems likely, she will have the distinction of holding all four titles within the same calender year.  This is the second time in her long and intriguing career that she has achieved what has been christened as the “Serena Slam”.  She managed to win the French despite suffering from illness throughout the competition and there were only a few minor upsets and wobbles at the All England Club, mainly thanks to her thrilling match with the Brit Heather Watson.

Djokovic Is No Joke

Although Novak Djokovic has already missed his chance to achieve a calendar Slam, as he messed up at the final of the French Open, he still has the opportunity to play out 2015 with three of the four.  It seemed to be touch and go for the world number one though, during the 2nd set of the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer and he even lost some of his unaffected coolness.  He slammed his racket down and was clearly riled up and rattled by the Swiss legend.  However, doing what he done best, he pulled back the game and crushed Federer in the final two sets to win Wimbledon for a third time.  If his performance continues to shine as it has done, he will be more than prepared to make the finals and win at the US Open at Flushing Meadows.

Are Nadal And Federer Yesterday’s News?

It was another bad year for the Majorcan Rafael Nadal as he was sent packing in an early round by Dustin Brown.  It seems that the so-called king of clay is no longer finding his mojo on his favourite surface of grass either.  It seems as if his long standing injuries are starting to really impede his performances.  Along with Nadal and despite the fact he does actually win things, there are big questions over whether Roger Federer can continue to be a formidable opponent.  In his early 30’s it is likely that he only has a couple of years or so left before he retires.

With the above in mind you may be able to put your money to good use by betting on one of the favourites, especially if it is Djokovic or Williams.

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