What Do You Need To Set Up An Amateur Soccer Team?

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Soccer, or football as it is known colloquially, couldn’t be more popular. Over two-thirds of the world’s countries have a professional football league and a national team. Plus, the World Cup is broadcast to several billion people each year, and Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are among two of the most recognisable people on the planet earning nearly nineteen million Euros a year. It is no wonder you want to get involved in football! Regardless of the popularity of the world game, the harsh reality for a lot of people is that there isn’t a local team for them to play for, especially after the age of sixteen. Everyone should have the right to play, so check out what you need to set up an amateur football team.

Advertise Your Team

It is hard work to get the ball rolling, but there are likeminded people like you out there so persevere. You need to make people aware that you are setting up a team and need players to play. Get on social media for the best impact. You can put up a general advertisement on a Facebook page or direct message people to see if they are interested. Or, if you want to go old school, have a few flyers printed and put them up around town.

One great alternative to find players is to ask youth teams that are finishing if anyone fancies joining your team. These kids have played together for a long time, plus there are bound to be a few gems that will increase the standard.

Backroom Staff

You can’t organise everything on your own so you’ll need a number two. Someone who is willing to be the club secretary is worth their weight in gold. There are bank accounts to set up, pitches to find and maintain and regulations you to abide. These are just a few of the details.

Start Training

Once the team is formed, get into shape. Football is a particularly strenuous sport so if you are not in shape you will struggle. Remember that you are going to be constantly on the move for ninety minutes and there is going to be a lot of sprinting. Regardless of your skill, your fitness levels can elevate your team up another level. So, while you are getting to know another, getting fit is a great way to beat teams in your league.

Find A League

Don’t just jump into any league; find one that is at your level. Understand what the skill set of your team is and then pick the league that reflects it. Once you are in a league, you can build and grow into a better team.

Have An End Of Season Party

You should enjoy and celebrate your first season, whatever the result. A big night out for all the players and the team is a great way to bond, but it is also a great way to recognise the players who have performed well. All you need to do is book a local venue and get hold of a few awards to give away. If you are struggling to find affordable honours, a company like Premier Trophies can supply them.

Once you have set up your team, you will never look back. Playing football is one of the most enjoyable pastimes around.

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