What Are The Benefits of CrossFit?

What Are The Benefits of CrossFitDeveloped as an exercise philosophy that developed into a competitive sport, CrossFit is still a relatively new concept. For that reason many are still sceptical about its benefits but it has been championed by many fitness experts, doctors and athletes. Essentially a strength and conditioning program aimed at improving a wide variety of fitness areas but that can also target specific areas, it can be used for general fitness training or for focusing on a certain sport.


One of the main worries people have about CrossFit is that it can cause serious injury for beginners who are unsure of what they’re doing, coupled with its intenseness. The same can be said of any training methods however, when not done to form there is a higher risk of injury.

When done properly CrossFit is an intense work out that benefits speed, power and endurance. It is good training for most athletes from runners to boxers and bodybuilders due to its intense nature that works many muscles. The daily workouts are different every day to prevent boredom while mixing up the areas of your body that get worked.

Get Fit Quick

If you’re tired of long, boring workouts and spend less time at the gym or keeping fit then CrossFit could be your saviour. Sessions can last as little as 15 minutes yet still burn plenty of calories due to their non-stop, intense nature.

This makes them far more efficient than merely jogging on the spot for an hour. The variety of this kind of interval training means you will feel the physical benefits a lot sooner from taking part in CrossFit rather than going running regularly. It’s important you do workouts tailored to your current ability however, as too intense a session is what can cause serious injury.


CrossFit is a relatively new phenomenon but it already has plenty of devout followers. There are dedicated gyms all over the world, all with their own supportive communities. Everyone is focused on their individual goals but exercises are often done in groups with plenty of encouragement from each other. This drives everyone to do their upmost and make new friends with a shared interest.

Of course you can also buy equipment from Fitness Warehouse and create your own CrossFit workouts at home too. This is a good option if there isn’t a dedicated CrossFit gym nearby or to make working out even more time efficient.

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