Want To Look Like The Coolest Cyclist On The Road? Follow This Advice

Have you recently taken up cycling and want to look like the coolest cyclist on the road? If you’ve already landed an awesome bike, then these are the things you need to be rocking to look like the biggest pro on the road. Check it out!


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Amazing Kit

The most important part of your cycling attire is definitely your kit. Bright colours and slimline fit are the way to go here. The coolest cyclists on the road will be rocking some awesome gear, so be sure to make sure you pick out something great. If you can’t find any amazing cycling kit in sports stores near you, then try online. If you’re really stuck with what to wear on the road, then why not design your own cycling kit? Grab your laptop and get online, use a cycling kit designer to create your ultimate piece of cycling attire.

Cool Helmet

Now that you’ve got your kit sorted out, you’re going to want to compliment it with a really cool helmet. Ensure that the safety element of your helmet is there, as although style is important, this is crucial, too. Make sure that your helmet aerodynamically suits your ride. A great helmet will not only make you look awesome on the road, but it could also help you in your races. Again flashy colours and a streamlined look are the way to go here.

Shave Your Legs

Another way to improve your aerodynamics is to shave your legs. Don’t worry, this is common amongst cyclists! Don’t think this will make you look very cool? Consider this, because it really will. You’ll be zipping around the track on your bike with the additional aerodynamics. Thus leaving all of your cycling competitors behind! That will surely make you look like the coolest cycling on the road.


Next up, kit yourself out with a smartwatch to monitor your health and fitness activity during your rides. Apple’s Apple Watch is certainly great for this. They’re pricey, but well worth your while! Strap one of these to your wrist when competing. That way you’ll be able to monitor your heartbeat, the distance you’ve travelled and the number of calories you’ve burned. This will be really handy information when you’re trying to improve your cycling skills a lot.


Finally, pick yourself up an iPod to make sure that you can rock out to your favourite tunes while on the go. Compliment your iPod with some incredible sport headphones. Sport headphones wrap around your ears better, and are less prone to fall out on the go. However, if you are wearing headphones, be sure to keep your visibility on alert so that you don’t have any nasty accidents! This is just one way to stay safe on the road.

Ultimately, if you follow these tips, then you’re going to look like the coolest cyclist on the road! These tips will all help your cycling experience, particularly if you’re new to the sport. Good luck and happy cycling!

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