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Want to Get Fit this New Year? The Top Ten Exercises You can Do at Your Office Desk



We spend a lot of time sitting down. If you don’t believe us, just think about it – you probably spend about eight to nine hours sitting at your desk, and you may be spending approximately an hour or two a day sitting down during your commute to work. Afterwards, you’re more likely than not sitting down for supper, sitting down in front of the telly, and so on. But sitting down for a good number of hours each day need not be bad for you if you can do some exercise, right? Fortunately, you can. Here are the top ten exercises you can do at your office desk daily.

Desk pushups

With your hands on your office desk, move your feet backwards until you reach an angle of 45 degrees. Then do as many pushups as you can – a dozen would be a good start.

Book lift

Grab a heavy book, hold the book behind your head, and extend your arms upwards. Drop the book down then repeat the process.

Shoulder squeeze

Pretend you have a pencil between your shoulders. Then imagine squeezing the pencil between the blades of your shoulders. Repeat the process several times.

Neck squeeze

Sit up and move your left ear downwards until it’s parallel to your left shoulder. Hold the pose for several seconds then do the same thing on the right side.

Upward reach

Lace your fingers together and try to reach up as high as possible. Make sure your palms are facing upwards whilst you do it.


Raise both your shoulders up to your ears then hold the pose for several seconds. Release and repeat the process several times.

Knee hug

Bend your right knee and lift your leg up. Then grab your leg with your arms; try to pull it as close as possible to your chest. Hold the pose for ten seconds then release.

Open up your chest

Whilst sitting down, bring your two hands to your back and try pressing your hands together. Make sure you are sitting up and hold the pose for the next five to ten seconds.

Looking over your shoulder

Turn your head to the right and try looking over your right shoulder. Hold the pose for five to ten seconds and repeat the same on your left side.

Chin drop

Let your chin drop to your chest and then roll your head in a gentle motion from one side to the other.

After these 10 exercises to do at your desk, reward yourself with a snack, some office small talk, or even with an exciting game of bingo online. Go ahead, you deserve it – as much as you deserve a healthier you for the new year.

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