Ultimate lounge set ups to catch the game


Watching the game at home isn’t quite the same as watching it live at a stadium, with a hot dog in one hand, surrounded by fellow fans. However, you can still make watching your favourite sports an enjoyable, fun experience for you and your friends. If you are lucky enough to have a room you can play around with, there are some great ideas to change your living space into the ultimate sports viewing space.

Watching sports can often be a social activity where you and your friends relax, watch the game and experience the highs and lows together. You can create a party experience using your living space, and have food and drinks on hand to make the experience enjoyable. Creating a space where you get the best experience can be as easy as making a few simple changes such as changing around the furniture, investing in a large TV screen and having comfortable seating ready to watch your favourite sports. If you want to fit lots of your friends into your room, you could invest in cinema style seating so that everyone is comfortable and has a clear view of the TV screen. This makes the whole experience seem more professional, and you can invite as many friends as your sports room can hold.

Some lounge set up ideas

You can create the ultimate sports den by changing the colour of the walls, adding photos or artwork from your favourite team and having a real sporting theme throughout the room. For example, you could decide on a specific sports theme such as football and decorate the space accordingly. You can also add games machines, a pool table, memorabilia and trophies. If you can make the sports room as interesting and interactive as possible, it can make the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. You might find that you’ll have the whole neighbourhood wanting to experience your sports room if you get it right.

Get the essentials right

There are a few essentials when it comes to creating the perfect sports room, and the main one is having a large TV, preferably in high definition. It should be positioned in the room so that everyone seated can easily view the action. You could also think about having blackout shutters installed so that you can all focus on the screen with no glare from the sunlight or distractions outdoors. It can also give a cinema or sports bar experience, which can make watching the game even more enjoyable.

Investing in an entertainment centre may also be worthwhile, as you can also have a surround system so that you and your friends can all hear the game. Besides comfortable seating, having enough table space for your array of beverages and snacks is also vital.

You want your sports room too be somewhere that your friends can come to and enjoy the game, socialise, relax and have fun. It could turn out to be the perfect place for all your social gatherings if you make it an enjoyable experience. You might never want to visit a live sporting event again.

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