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Treadmill Tips for Keeping Fit


Keeping fit is essential for a person if they want their body to function properly. There are many health benefits of physical fitness.

Constant exercise helps you reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some cancers. Keeping fit also helps to control weight and improves your bones, mood and mental health.

One of the effective ways of keeping fit is by running or walking the treadmill. Contrary to the pounding of hard pavements, it is easier on your joints and cardiovascular system.

Ten tips for keeping fit on the treadmill

  1. Make sure you have everything you might need. Proper shoes and sufficient space behind the treadmill (in case you fall back). A hand towel and a heart monitor are also necessary.
  2. Make sure the treadmill is tested before using it. There is nothing funny about falling off a moving treadmill. The belt should be the correct size. The handrails should provide a good firm grip.
  3. Stretch or warm up before jumping on the treadmill. If you increase the speed of the treadmill without a warm up, your body will suddenly go too fast. That does not sound good.
  4. When buying, pick a good walking treadmill that will function regardless of how regularly it used. Look for discounts and sales worthy of attention but do not be afraid to go deeper into your pockets for a good treadmill. It’s worth it!

Otherwise, if you are not in a position to buy there is running machine hire available and treadmill hire in Cork here.

  1. Follow the rules of speeding on the treadmill.

If you are a beginner, start slow.

The speed should eventually be fast enough for your heart to race.

Walk at a speed that does not make you gasp.

  1. Make it fun! The more interesting your treadmill routine is, the more motivated you feel. Use whatever works for you. It could be music, a screen sliding your “body goals” pictures or inviting a friend.
  2. Regularly change your workout routine. Mix muscle building and cardio for a better outcome. Try the chest press machine, bench press, push ups and some weights!
  3. Use a treadmill that goes up to a 20% incline mode for good cardiovascular health and strong muscles. Decline mode can negatively affect your knees.

Remember to continually add four to five minutes to your workout session every week.

All the best in your keeping-fit-goals!

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