Top 5 Most Expensive Footballing Memorabilia Ever Sold

picFootball memorabilia has exploded in popularity over the last decade with former pros, sporting icons and famous clubs all contributing to the unimaginable amount of football memorabilia in existence. From shirts worn by famous players to dedicated trophies and medals, there’s simply no end to the dense world of football memorabilia.

As with any collection of memorabilia, some things are sold at auction for much higher prices than others. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of the following pieces of football memorabilia, you’re going to need to save quite a bit of cash! Here are some of the most iconic memorabilia pieces to be sold at auction in the past, according to sporting paraphernalia manufacturer

The 1966 World Cup Winners Medal

This highly prestigious medal is most famous in England for being the one and only time the home nation managed to win the World Cup. The medal was sold by English World Cup Winner Nobby Stiles who participated in the tournament for England in 1966.

This particular medal was sold to Manchester Utd for £184,000 and now resides in the Red Devils’ comprehensive museum. Stiles said that he hoped to “leave something for his sons” with the money he got in return for this piece of English footballing history. Manchester Utd cited Nobby Stiles’ legendary status at the club as their reason for purchasing the medal.

The Jules Rimet Trophy Replica

The original World Cup trophy was famously lost four months before the 1966 World Cup, and it’s replica was used for exhibitions in place of the original. In a 1997 auction, the replica was sold for £254,000 and purchased by FIFA.

The reserve price of the replica had been just £20,000, which led to speculation that the trophy was in fact the original and not the replica! FIFA decided to carry out a thorough inspection of the trophy and later confirmed that this was, indeed, a replica.

The FA Cup – £478,400

The oldest FA Cup in existence was sold in 2005 for what was at this point a world record price for any piece of sports memorabilia. The £478,400 price tag seems legit for a monumental piece of footballing history.

The cup was made in 1896 to replace the original which had been stolen. It was only one of four ever produced for the most famous domestic football tournament in the world. This is the only one of the four to have gone up for sale.

Football Rules Book

The rule book for football, written in 1858, is probably the most fascinating piece of memorabilia in existence and incorporates the first known set of football rules. It is entirely hand-written and the only surviving print copy of the Rules, Regulations and Laws of Sheffield Football Club.

In order to prevent Sheffield from facing a serious financial crisis, the club were forced to put this incredible piece of memorabilia up for sale. It managed to sell for a mind-blowing £881,250.

Geoff Hurst’s World Cup Final Shirt

Arguably the most famous piece of English sports memorabilia, Geoff Hurst sold his World Cup-winning shirt to a private collector for a measly £91,750 in 2000.

Since this sale, the shirt has changed hands on numerous occasions to the point where a buyer will have to fork over a staggering £2.3million for it! If this shirt is ever sold, it will blitz any previous record and become, quite easily, the most expensive piece of sporting memorabilia in the world.

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