The Best Outdoor Sports to Try on Vacation

The Best Outdoor Sports to Try on VacationEveryone loves to let loose and try new things when their on vacation. Vacation time is perfect for people to get outside of their comfort zones are try something new and outrageous. This is why so many fitness vacations and other outdoor sports in tourist locations have become so popular. For example, there are a lot of people who would never try hang-gliding on a normal day, but will be willing to take that leap when they are on vacation.

Despite all of these extra incentives to try something new on vacation, a lot of people do not know where to start. They may feel lost and overwhelmed when trying to choose an outdoor sport to try for the first time. A little advice and an extra push might be all they need to try a new experience that they will remember forever. Here are some of the best outdoor sports to try on vacation.

Stand up paddle board yoga

Yoga has become a popular part of everyone’s day to day life, giving people a way to relax, get in great shape and clear their mind. It is becoming common for people to take their yoga practice to the next level when on vacation. Try stand up paddle board yoga on vacation in places like San Diego, Costa Rica and Mexico.


Surfing is a great, daring sport that anyone can try in places like Hawaii year round when they find wetsuits for sale online. Surfing is a great way to enjoy the view of the coastline from another angle and get a fun workout in.

White water rafting

This extreme sport has become the go-to attraction for people visiting the Grand Canyon. White water rafting is a fun way to test the limits of fear and get a closer look at nature. However, there are always different levels that are perfect from everyone to families to extreme sport enthusiasts.

Mountain biking

More and more people are taking their bikes out as part of their daily commute, but this easy ride is nothing compared to the steep climbs and descants that people get while mountain biking. There are places all over the world with biking trails that will prove to test the limits of any regular biker.

Scuba diving

Not for people who are claustrophobic, scuba diving can be incredibly intimidating and amazing at the same time. However, travelers claim that there is no better way to see the Great Barrier Reef than an underwater scuba diving excursion. Those who are still afraid can try out snorkeling before they make the big dive.

Rock climbing

Heights are no deterrent for this extreme sport. People have been going to places like Yosemite for years to climb the biggest rock faces in the world. Despite these extreme conditions, there are a lot of different rock climbing adventures at different levels that can be tailored to everyone from kids to adults, ensuring a great time for all.


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