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The Amazing Platinum Golf Clubs


If you love playing golf, then you probably want to play on the best courses. Great golf players know how to pick courses and they always choose the Platinum Clubs because they’re very simply the greatest courses to play on. Platinum Clubs are also a great way to get started on the best fairways if you are just starting out with this great sport. If you love playing golf, it’s the only way to play. To become a member and also to find Platinum Clubs in your area, just go ahead and use Platinum mobile.

The amazing benefits and advantages of Platinum Clubs

Of course, as with any prestigious golf club, you are going to get a ton of amazing advantages and benefits for being part of the Platinum Club. First of all, you are going to get a lot of complimentary rounds to look forward to. You will get complimentary rounds from Monday to Friday at private Platinum Clubs, and you will get complimentary rounds from Monday to Sunday at public Platinum Clubs. That’s a lot of free rounds to have! You will also get two rounds that are completely complimentary each month on every course, so you can literally play golf every day for free. With that being said, a lot of Platinum Club players like to just play on a few of their very favourite courses. So that will be up to your point of view and your choice.

Other benefits of the Platinum Club

There are other benefits to look forward to you as well. You will get reserve tee times on some specific courses, extra availability at public and private clubs in the network, extremely rare seven day access to all Platinum Club network courses, and you are also going to get week day guest passes for the Platinum Club that you consider to be your home club.

Finally, don’t forget about using the other facilities at the golf course. You will have access to the tennis courts both indoors and outdoors, courses in other parts of the country while you are traveling, tennis courts and fitness centers. There are also amazing dining centers that offer healthy and tasty food for every meal.

Entertain while you’re out on the course

Think about how great it would be to go golfing with your buddies and then shower and get ready for a delicious meal with some great drinks. You can even bring friends or family members who are not part of the Platinum Club. You will have special week day guest passes for them. This is a great way to hang out with friends or to entertain business partners or people you would like to work with. Have fun with Platinum Club, don’t forget to go to the website to learn more!

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