Tennis – A Look Back at the Men’s Game in the Four Slams

Tennis – A Look Back at the Men’s Game in the Four SlamsTennis is another of my favourite sports and one that I actually began having lessons in recently.  I love the sound, the display of force, finesse and out and out skill and it is just something I have always loved watching – particularly Wimbledon.  I think I first took notice of tennis when Roger Federer started appearing in the news more and started making a name for himself as arguably the best player who is still playing the sport.

Therefore, the most interesting times for me throughout the year are when the opens take place in Australia, France, UK and America.  On the following page I wanted to give my recap of each tournament and what I enjoyed.

Australian Open 2014

The tennis year, as always, began in January with the Australian Open at Melbourne Park, Melbourne.  At the start of the tournament, there was one name on everyone’s lips with respect to the men’s game – Novak Djokovic.  Djokovic was coming into the 2014 slam with the prospect and hope of winning a 5th overall and 4th consecutive Australian Open title.  Given the Serbian powerhouse’s performance over the last few years, it was not surprising.  However, there was a glimmer of hope that Rafael Nadal would be back on form after being injured the previous year.

Djokovic showed himself to be an unstoppable force as he reached the semi-finals and faced the Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka.  However, he lost after Wawrinka put on a glorious display that would rival his fellow Swiss Federer.  Nadal on the other hand was looking good, shaky but good but wasn’t enough to defeat Wawrinka, who became 2014’s Australian Open winner.

French Open 2014

Next on the tennis calendar was the French Open which took place at Roland Garros in May.  Again there was really on two names on everyone’s lips with regards to the men’s draw – Nadal and Djokovic.  Nadal came into the tournament as the 4 time defending champion and obviously everyone was interested in whether he could win it yet again. This time around, it was a more straight forward affair, and although Djokovic put up a good challenge against Nadal in the final, Nadal won his 9th French Open title and 14th slam.

Wimbledon 2014

Obviously when the words Wimbledon come to mind, as a Brit, it is hard not to think of one man – Andy Murray and tensions and hopes were high as the tournament at the All England Club got underway.  We were all hoping, as a nation, that Murray would be able to secure a second consecutive win there after he made history in 2013.  After a strong display in the earlier matches, he was outplayed by Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter finals.  It wasn’t a great tournament for Nadal as he went out surprisingly early in the fourth round to the wildcard Australian Nick Kyrgios.  It was another gripping final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, who eventually won his 2nd Wimbledon title in a 5 set thriller.

US Open 2014

Obviously there was a real thought that some of the big four in the game would make it to the final, but the reality of it all followed a lot of the surprises we had at Wimbledon, and neither Murray, Djokovic, Federer or even Nadal made it to the final.  Instead the year of slams ended with Marin Cilic winning his first US Open against the relatively unknown Kei Nishikori.

Although it may not have gone the way I or anyone else really wanted it to, it was definitely an interesting and exciting year in tennis.


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