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Taking up Skateboarding as a New Sport This Summer


For any sports fan looking to take up a new sport this summer, skateboarding is a fantastic option and a sport which is growing in popularity. It is particularly fun for those that consider themselves adrenaline junkies, but also for anyone that enjoys being outdoors. Unlike most other sports where you rely on others to play, with skateboarding you are only relying on yourself so you can go out anytime that you wish whether it is by yourself or with a group of friends.

In addition to this, you are not restricted by where you perform the sport either. With skateboarding, you can pretty much skate anywhere whether it in your driveway, in town or at your local skate park. It is essential that you are wary of those around you however, as well as for traffic whenever you are skating. There is plenty that you can do just on a stretch of concrete or on a hill, but for the best and most fun challenges you will want to visit a skate park.

Although some will be deterred by the potential injuries that you can suffer, as long as you invest in high quality pads and a helmet then you can ride with confidence. Whilst it may be difficult to begin with, it is also worth sticking with as you will not find a sport which is as rewarding as skateboarding. Whether you have mastered an Ollie, a kick-flip, traversed a ramp or even just learnt how to ride properly – you will get an immense feeling of satisfaction. This will boost your confidence and encourage you to practice more and more.

Getting Started

As with all sports, you will need to spend some money before you begin. This will include a skateboard complete with trucks, wheels and bearings, as well as a high quality helmet, elbow pad and knee pads. These are the essentials and when you have these you will be good to go. It is no secret that skateboarding is a particularly stylish sport, and there are all kinds of brilliant clothes and accessories for those that really take to it.

Another fantastic reason for starting skateboarding is the community aspect. Although it is not a team sport, skateboarders are generally very sociable and will always offer tips and guidance. This could see you make some new friends as well as pick up some handy advice for starting out this summer.


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