Sports Facilities Every Top School Needs

When you’re trying to grab the attention of parents thinking about sending their child to your school you need all the help you can get. And good sports facilities can make all the difference.

In fact, stunning sports facilities can generate that wow-factor that elevates the entire university. Just think about what’s happened to Loughborough’s reputation, all thanks to its sporting excellence. Exam result league tables are exam result league tables. But nothing can quite compare to stunning parents with incredible facilities on your school open day.

Tennis Courts

Many parents are looking to send their child to a school where they can develop all their many talents. This includes, among other things their sporting prowess. Amazingly, a lot of schools neglect to install a simple tennis court on the school playground. This is an especially egregious omission, since many schools also offer tennis scholarships. Don’t miss out on attracting talented students to your school and boost demand for places.



Climbing Wall

A school with a good climbing wall can elevate itself above the competition. It’s something a little bit unusual.

It’s especially useful if you want to attract boarders. Incorporating activities like climbing into your weekend schedule makes boarding more palatable. This is because parents want to see their children active and engaged at weekends. A climbing wall is a great selling point.

Synthetic Pitch

Inter-school sports is now a massive cultural phenomenon. Having the appropriate facilities is important for maintaining sporting standards. But it’s also important for elevating the status of the school. Installing something like Multiturf Astro turf can make all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to the most popular school sports, hockey, netball and cricket.



Squash Courts

Top schools now offer squash courts as part of their sporting facilities, as do most top-notch gyms. Although squash might not be the most popular sport on the calendar, having the option to play squash will attract interest in the school.

Again, it’s something a little out of the ordinary. Prospective parents will leave with the impression that the school is wonderfully well equipped.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are good, not only for making swimming a part of the curriculum, but also generating revenue for the school. Facilities like swimming pools can be hired out at favourable rates during the holidays or at weekends. In fact, depending on the numbers you expect, you may be able to negotiate a better price. That money you generate can then be fed back into marketing the school, paying off loans or improving other facilities. Companies like UK Swimming Pools can handcraft bespoke pools for any most situations.

Fencing Salle

Fencing is one of those inspiring sports that generates a sense of amazement. It’s also a high-status pursuit, a bit like polo. If your school’s revenue depends on attracting wealthy parents, including a fencing salle can be a mark of exclusivity.

What’s more, because good fencing facilities are in general rare you’ll garner more attention for the school. Perhaps you could begin hosting fencing competitions of your own. Or, again, hire out your facilities to local clubs and societies.


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