On Yer Bike: Tips For Cycling Beginners



We all want to live a healthy lifestyle and cycling is a great option to get back into exercise. It’s a brilliant way to get some fresh air while working out at your own pace. The fact you can enjoy it on your own or as part of a team makes it the perfect outdoor activity.

Cycling has become increasingly popular over the past few years too. There’s never been a better time to get on your bike and take to the roads.

If you’re a beginner, though, there are a few essential tips to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your ride. Here’s everything you need to know.

Seek Comfort

One of the great things about cycling is the value for money. You will have to pay out for a few items to start with. But once they’ve been bought, you could cycle every single day without paying another penny.

Despite the low long-term costs, it’s important to make the best initial decisions. And as any cycling enthusiast will tell you, comfort is the key. Finding the best bike for you is a must. As well as a good performing bike, you may want to invest in a specialised seat. After all, you will be sat on the bike long periods.

Like any sport, feeling comfortable is a major part of our enjoyment. It’s hard to stay motivated in any activity if it feels unnatural or uncomfortable. Make your decisions wisely.

Perform Better

Comfort and enjoyment are what will keep you going, but it’s improving as an athlete that will drive you forward. Regular exercise brings a whole host of benefits to the body both internally and externally. As you get used to cycling, you should notice a dramatic increase in your overall fitness.

Once you start getting into it, you may want to invest in specialist cycling jerseys and shorts. These will add an extra sense of comfort while also shaving valuable seconds off your ride times. Primarily, cycling should be fun, but it also helps when you see improvements to your performance.

Cycling is a low-impact sport too, so you shouldn’t suffer injuries to joints. If combined with a balanced diet, it can be a great tool for helping you lose weight too. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your rides, but you must fuel your body with the right stuff. For example, knowing the answer to questions like is Gatorade good for you could be the difference between losing weight or not.

Be Safe

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take cycling seriously or simply riding for fun; safety is paramount.

In addition to the helmet, you should invest in cycling lights for your bike. The number of cyclists who don’t make themselves visible is astounding. Don’t be one of them. Just one accident could potentially end your cycling career. Besides, it’s not going to be much fun when you spend three days in a hospital bed.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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