Managing Your Small Sporting Goods Store

Business  12Small sporting goods stores often rely on relationships with sports teams and sports enthusiasts in the community. The business owner will work with teams, schools and other organizations to obtain or create merchandise according to client specifications. Operating a small business also means taking a different approach to handling your finances, marketing your products, and developing guidelines for hiring and training employees.

After the Initial Start-Up

Creating a solid business plan is essential for any start-up business. It should outline all of the details about how you will operate, including those specifics listed above. Once the business is operational, you should be able to analyze the various areas of your trade and determine which ones need improvement. Skilled management is essential for maintaining a business and helping it grow, especially when you are catering to a specific sector of the community in which you operate.

Never Underestimate the Value of Human Resources

Any small sporting goods store is limited to a specific number of customers. This makes it especially important to build relationships with your customers and create a feeling of trust. There are many large-scale sporting goods stores that are always competing with you for your share of the business. While customers always have the option to make their purchases online, you may not have the means to expand your customer base outside of your region. Providing customers with the variety of products they want and always offering exceptional service should be your business’ standards.

Create a Diverse Marketing Strategy

Competition on a global scale has also increased the need for businesses of all sizes to work harder at marketing their products and building brand familiarity. Even small businesses that sell locally are turning to Internet marketing for a wider reach. The increased use of mobile phones and devices has led to changes in consumer behavior, making it necessary for local companies to increase accessibility and build stronger/lasting relationships with their customers. Online marketing also provides tools that let businesses find their target customers according to a variety of demographics for more effective marketing. In addition to your online marketing efforts, you will also want to use traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads and direct mailing to reach customers who haven’t made the transition to mobile.

Managing Your Finances for Optimum Cash Flow

According to New Century Financial (, managing finances presents a special set of challenges for the sporting goods store owner. Special orders or running tabs for local sports teams can leave you with bills to pay before the money for the invoices comes in. This could put you in a tight spot when it is time to restock your store.

One way to improve your cash flow is to look for reputable factoring services to purchase your accounts receivable so you get the money you need from your invoices faster, and have more success at collecting on outstanding debts. Many business owners find this solution more effective and affordable than hiring an additional employee to handle their finances. Regardless of how well your business is doing, you can’t be successful without receiving payment for your sales.

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