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If you’re a fitness obsessive (like us), there’s nothing worse than a long-term injury. It puts us out of the game for weeks, and we quickly become frustrated. After all, fitness is our release! Running, cycling, or football keeps our stress down, and our body active. We need fitness in our lives!

When a doctor tells us to rest up for a month, it’s a big blow. Of course, we know that we must follow their advice, or we’ll only make it worse. But that doesn’t make it any easier. One thing you can do, is start planning your comeback. By focusing on building back to your former self, it will keep your mind sharp, and your body prepared. Here’s how to come back strong after an injury.

Speak to a doctor

First of all, you’ve got to get an accurate diagnoses from a doctor. We all like to think we can power through a small injury, but make sure it’s nothing worse. If you’re a marathon runner or long-distance cyclist, even a small injury can turn into something much worse. Get an accurate diagnoses, and then you can focus on how to recover. That will mean finding the right knee injury treatment for marathon runners, and a timeline for recovery.

Rest up

Now comes the difficult part. You really do need to rest up, and let your body do the hard-work. Your body will heal itself, but it takes a while. And, every time you put more pressure on the injury, you’ll go back two steps. It’s very easy to turn a three-week injury into a two-month problem.

Keep a healthy diet

A good diet is critical to your recovery. We all know that a healthy, balanced diet improves our performance, but it’s easy to give up when you’re injured. You turn to snacking (out of boredom), and we often lose our appetite through lack of exercise. It’s vital that you maintain your healthy constitution. Remember, vitamins from fruit and vegetables will speed up your recovery.

Ease back into it

As the weeks pass, you can begin to work on a few low-pressure movements. Take this slowly, and build back into your fitness routine. Start with a few simple stretches. Remember, your muscles have been out of action for a while, you’ll need to take this slowly. Stick to short sessions, and listen to your body. If it feels painful, stop immediately. You’ll eventually rebuild your stamina, but you can’t expect instant results. Patience is key here.

Keep your mind stimulated

The hardest part about dealing with an injury is keeping your mind occupied. It’s very easy to dwell on the injury, and become frustrated. It’s time to stimulate yourself in other ways. Try to keep busy with books, or learn a new skill. Fitness obsessives like to keep challenging themselves, so find a new way to push your limits!

Don’t worry, you’ll be back to full fitness in no time. Rest up, stick to the doctor’s orders, and ease back into your fitness routine.

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