Maintaining Your Outdoor Basketball Court

Home Improvement 1Basketball courts are fun for all ages and a great way to stay in shape, however, you must make sure the court is in tip-top shape if you want to continue to play. A safe and well preserved court goes a long way. Here are some tips on how to keep your outdoor basketball court looking its best brought to you by TRUEGRID (click here).

Keep Floor Surfaces Clean

The most common types of flooring for outdoor basketball courts are asphalt, concrete, brick, and a protective coating on top, such as Acrylotex. For an asphalt or concrete court, daily maintenance is not required, however, you should sweep up twigs, leaves, rocks, garbage, plant material, and other debris on an “as needed” basis. These types of material may present slipping hazards, and dirt and plant matterĀ  can actually stain the court if not cleaned up promptly. Asphalt or concrete flooring should be pressure cleaned every one to two years. Pressure cleaning removes buildups of grime, mold, mud, dust, and paint.

According to TRUEGRID, a provider of affordable paving solutions, if you purchased a specialty court from an online or store bought flooring company, it is important to know the best ways to maintain the surfaces. Knowing how to clean the flooring properly is vital. For example, Acrylotex coating on top of asphalt or concrete is a durable coating, but it does not prevent cracks from occurring or recurring. Acrylotex can be resurfaced and thoroughly cleaned once a month. It is different for each type of sporting company floor, which is why you must check with them to know which cleaning materials are best.

Minor Repairs

Cracks can occur for a number of reasons. Weather related issues, such as ice or snow, excess water in the concrete mixture, excess loads or weight, and ground movement (due to freezing and thawing cycles) are just a few weather conditions that can cause concrete to crack. Repairing cracked concrete doesn’t have to be as difficult as many fear it to be. In fact, minor cracks can be fixed in under thirty minutes.

The first step is to chisel out or clean the crack to ensure it’s dirt and dust free before filling it. Use a wire brush, screwdriver, or vaccuum, and follow with a leaf blower or hose. Make sure the crack is completely dry before filling it with sealant to prevent further damage. Concrete and asphalt sealants include Quikrete, Latex-ite, Gardner, and USEAL USA. It is important to check the label of each sealant to see if it is suitable for both or either concrete or asphalt.

Some sealants and crack fillers may require a second coat since the ground may absorb some of the filling. Make sure you let the first coat dry completely before filling the crack again. Look for a step-by-step diagram as a guide when preparing to fix any cracks or imperfections. Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford describes the process of fixing a crack in an asphalt driveway.

Keep an eye on your court, and ensure the longevity of the court for maximum fun for years to come. If cracks or imperfection in the surface of the basketball court are fixed in a timely manner, larger reparis can be easily avoided for a much longer period of time.

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