Love Forty: How To Up Your Tennis Game When You’re Approaching Middle Age

A lot of people start to reduce the amount of sport that they play between the ages of thirty and forty. Let’s be honest, it can get a little embarrassing huffing and puffing around a football field while getting skinned by somebody half your age. However, there’s no need to give up altogether, especially when there are sports like tennis around.

If you want to know more about the sport of tennis, make sure that you read our guide to why it’s such a great game to take up. It’s fun, frenetic, and at an amateur level technique has as much to do with your success as your speed. In short, it’s the perfect game to take up as you reach your middle age. For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume you already have the basics and want to improve your fitness, form and function on the court – so read on to find out how to do it.



Get fitter

Tennis is a game of explosive power, quick reaction times, and technique. We’ll look into technique in a moment, but for now we’ll concentrate on power and speed. The quicker you can move around the court, the easier it will be to play the game well, so a good range of plyometrics exercises and cardio will do you the world of good. In terms of power, make sure that you are spending time strengthening your core. This will improve your balance and movement around the court and give you a little more strength when positioning yourself for your returns. There’re some great ideas for tennis exercises over at The Telegraph to get you started.

Join a club

For a game that most people consider one-on-one, tennis is a surprisingly sociable sport. And it’s eve more so if you join a club. Find a tennis club in your area and you will find a lot of support and a healthy bit of competition that will keep you sharp. There will be temptations there, of course – but once you reach middle age, we think you’ve done enough to earn a drink at the bar afterwards. However, the main reason for joining a club is that you will meet so many more experienced people than you that you can watch and learn from. And, if you want to iron out your technique, it’s the best place for you to be.


Don’t be afraid of entering competitions. Competing in any sport makes things far more interesting, but more importantly, it helps your game improve. Don’t forget that you will learn far more from being beaten than you will from winning – just like anything else in life. If you have joined a club, then there may be competitions open to you, but if there aren’t, why not start one yourself? All you need is a couple of umpires, a charity to back, and a few tennis trophies to get started. The result? Your own competition – for a great cause – that a lot of people will want to get involved in. There comes a time in life when most sports when competition just isn’t viable anymore – unless you are super fit – but tennis doesn’t have those restrictions. Let’s face it, we all love competitive sport – it’s more than half the reason most of us play any sport. And, of course, it will improve your game.


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