Learning to Kite surf on a Budget

Kite surfing is a great sport. It is a sport that virtually anyone can enjoy and there are plenty of places throughout the world to enjoy this exciting sport.

More and more people are taking up the sport, but some are put off doing so because they think that it is an expensive sport. This is understandable when you look at the equipment that is used. In most places, you will need to use a wetsuit and of course, some sort of flotation device is advisable. As well as the board, there is the kite and harness.

This is not much more equipment than what you need to go surfing or water sking. The only additional equipment you need for kitesurfing is the kite and harness, so the cost of these three water sports are actually very similar.


Saving money on equipment

Additionally, used kitesurfing gear can be picked up relatively cheaply. Most retailers and many kitesurf schools sell this gear, and you will also see plenty of second hand equipment advertised online and in papers.

Naturally, if you are new to the sport you should try to get help when buying your equipment. Your instructor is the best person to help you with buying second hand equipment.


Good quality yet affordable lessons

If you want to get involved in this sport, you really need to invest in professional tuition. Doing so will help you to progress quickly and start to really enjoy the sport and the equipment that you have brought.

Group lessons rather than private lessons

Taking lessons in a group is a great way of keeping the cost down. However, be careful not to sign up with a school that teaches in large groups. If you are taking and hour-long lesson with ten other people, your instructor is not going to be able to give you much one on one instruction. In other words taking lessons in a big class can easily work out as a false economy.


Next time you are asked what you want for Christmas or for your birthday explain that you are saving up to take lessons. If you are lucky they will buy you a lesson or give you some cash that you can put towards the cost of lessons.

Look for special offers

Many retailers and schools put together deals on both kit and lessons. Look out for those and take advantage of them when you see them.

Preparing for your lessons

If you want to get the most out of your lessons, a little preparation will really help. You do not have to be super fit to enjoy this sport, but to get the most out of your lessons you need enough stamina to be able to participate for the whole lesson. If you are not particularly fit, try to take a little exercise for a few weeks before you start your lessons. It will make a huge difference to how much you can get out of your lessons and you will make faster progress, which will help to keep the cost down.


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