Kick Off Time: Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Ready for Football Season


The football season starts well before the seconds leading up to the first kickoff.  If you’re a serious fan or have one living in your home, you must practice during the offseason.

Study the following plays to get better prepared for the upcoming football season and grow to be a seasoned host.


Ask any football fan.  What to watch is taken care of but where a fan watches the game matters a lot.  If your living room is fitted with a sofa set alone, consider signing on new recruits to seat those who will be frequenting on game days.  Limited space or uncomfortable seating is a sure way to get fans booing.

Visit local vendors or online furniture stores for great deals on additional chairs, loveseats, and sofas.  The typical game lasts a few hours; is your living room prepared for a long, hard season of sitting, jumping, and lounging fans?


Whether it’s before, during, or after the game, cheering on your favorite team sure works up an appetite.  If you’re not inclined in using your kitchen oven, stovetops, and cutting board to whip up delicious appetizers and other munchies for the game, you better call in backup.  Consider an assortment of freezer-to-tray buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers, and personal pizzas to tame the hunger of the home team.

Additionally, consider hiring a local caterer for a special football event and inquire about a discount for using their services for multiple engagements.


The ‘benchwarmers’ are players who are not in the game, and when it comes to a large gathering, there’s sure to be a few who are not into the football match.  Therefore, ensure there is alternative entertainment for those who are not enthusiastic about reserving a few hours to watch football.  Go to for information related to cable packages that include sporting and other channels of entertainment.

While there are enough fans, you don’t want to alienate those who primarily just want to spend time with the gang despite their lukewarm affection for the football squad.

Social Media

Social media, the act of uploading and sharing information on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is a fun way to show how much fun you’re having and an implicit way to spread the word about your regular gatherings.  Take a note from established brands and use social sites to upload pictures, tag attendees, and make those who did not make it to your last party green with envy.

Facebook allows people to host personal accounts but you can also start a Fan Page for your football gatherings.  Tell all your friends to promote the site and engage on the Fan Page by commenting, giving thumbs, and adding unique footage from the party.

There are more layers to consider in creating the ultimate football party experience.  However, addressing the seating, food, and entertainment, along with securing the party’s legacy on social media, is a great way to turn heads and get fans to watch along with you.

Lucas Fallon works as a sports writer. He enjoys sharing his insights on watching and understanding a variety of sports including football. His articles appear mainly on entertainment and sports websites.

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