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Keeping Fit Shaving Your Head and Dating


Let’s face it! It’s tough to be a single guy who is out there in the dating market after 40. You know that many single women your age or older are going for those younger guys, but you want to stand out as a quality guy who ages well. You can’t do anything to stop what nature is doing to your body, but you can keep it in the best shape possible and look your best. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Get back to the gym. Women could easily say that menopause changes their entire body chemistry, but aging also gives many men typical effects such as balding and low testosterone. As a guy, you may not have as much testosterone or energy as you wish you would, and health issues can make it difficult to keep up with dating and work life. If you want to feel more energy and hit the dating scene, then you should make time for the gym. This will give you endorphins to elevate your mood. It also helps you to keep your body in shape and be prepared to resist disease. Regular exercise can help you tone up your body and feel more energetic. Prospective partners find a healthy look to be positive, especially because it indicates that you could be ideal for a long-term match.
  2. Change your look. As guys, we can also shave our heads and adopt a more mature look. It’s about accepting where we are in our lives and then working with what we’ve got. If you are going to go to that level, you may also want to try a hair tattoo which makes it look like you have hair or augments that little bit of natural hair that you have. With a customizable look, you can appear to be any age that you want. You could also try a proven hair loss treatment to stop the balding or to regrow hair.
  3. Get out there and be social! You want to feel more manly in the body that you now have. So, you work out, feel healthy and athletic, sleep better, and eat well. Keep your clean-shaven hairstyle. It’s consistent with the times, maybe even grow a beard or a goat-tee. Remember, your self-esteem will impact your success in the dating world. You can do some self-reflection and try to accept your current look and work. This helps you build self-confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own body will help you get closer potential partners. If you want a good match, you’ll only want to keep the interest of the one that’s a real match.

Putting yourself into the dating world and aiming for success means that you must keep going out with new people and preparing yourself for potential rejections. You will meet multiple people who may or may not click with you even if there is an initial attraction. It’s better to take your time and find the partner with the right chemistry than it is to rush into a relationship with the wrong mate.


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