International champions cup- realmadrid and manchestercity

picGet ready to be a part of the greatest event this year – Champions League. Pack up your scarves and jerseys and be ready to support your favorite team to win. People around the world are impatiently waiting for this and are very nervous, hoping that their team will declare the victory on 2015 Champion League.  At this year’s League will be a million of people that will make the greatest atmosphere ever! So, don’t miss the chance to be a part of this incredible happening.

The teams are already drawn up and believe that there are some interesting matches to watch this year, starting from the Group E there is Manchester City that is faced with the Germany’s champions Bayern Munich, then the Russia’s Champions CSKA Moscow and from the Italy’s Seria A are coming Roma. This year’s preseason summer match between  Manchester City and Real Madrid is happening in Australia. Both of the teams are chosen to play at the International Champions Cup, so grab your tickets and support the team you think it’s better!Here is your opportunity to watch one of your favorite teams playing live. So, try supporting them by buying the tickets to this year’s biggest event and don’t miss the chance to be a part of an incredible event and having the best time of your life.

The previous tournaments, including this year’s Champion League are based on the principle the UEFA coefficient system, but from the next tournament the Champion League is going to change the system which will be more about the sporting merit and with that, it will be given the chance to the new teams to show that their teams are very talented and deserve to be in the Champion League.  So, this means that in the future, we are going to watch a little bit more exciting football, because of the new teams that are going to play. So, what are you waiting for?

This event was founded in 1955 and since then it became worldwide popular and each year, the number of visitors is bigger and bigger. It has been declared as one of the top most popular competitions in the world and number one competitions in European football. Don’t you want to tell your friends where are you spending your money this year? It is going to be a memorable event in your head.

This year are waiting some interesting matches to be watched including the matches where the big teams are going to play, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City and others. There are many reasons why you should buy the tickets for this year’s Champion League right now. People all around the world are waiting to know who will declare the victory this year, so you can buy a ticket and be a part of the Champion League until its end and find out the winner in live. If that’s going to be your team, be well prepared for a great celebration after the finishing of this spectacular event.

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