Incredible Reasons to Get on Your Bike Today

Cycling is a pursuit enjoyed by many people all over the world. Whether they go off for family bike rides or join a local cycling group, it’s great to get out there and exercise. But cyclists are all arrogant bores who never stop talking about cycling, right? Maybe you’d rather sit on the sofa than admit that you’re a cyclist, even casually. Don’t listen to naysayers who have never been for a good ride. There are lots of reasons you should get on your bike and take up cycling for a hobby.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

One of the best things about buying a bicycle (or digging out an old one from the garage) is that it gets you outside. Maybe you already spend time working out at the gym or home, but it’s much better to be out in the fresh air. You can get out on an open trail, like these recommended by Circle City Bicycles or just ride around your local park. Even if you’re cycling to work instead of driving or taking the train, at least you’re out in the open, instead of locked inside a metal box.


Andrew Campbell

Socialize with Others

Cycling is an excellent way to meet new people and to have a shared topic of conversation with people you already know. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become one of those people who never shuts up about cycling. But you can use riding your bike as a starting point to get talking to someone. You could also join a cycling group or go to events, where people will find plenty of things to talk about that have nothing to do with bikes.

Look After Your Knees While Getting Thighs of Steel

Of course, cycling is good for you. A lot of people wouldn’t do it if it weren’t. It’s excellent cardio, and it will give you strong and powerful legs. Plus, cycling is much kinder to your knees than some other sports, such as running. You don’t have to risk injuring yourself just by getting out there – unless you fall off, that is.

Save the Environment

Cycling is also a much more environmentally friendly way to get around. Unlike driving, you won’t be polluting the atmosphere, and it’s much faster than walking. You won’t be emitting any (non-human) fumes or destroying the areas you ride through. You could swap your car, bus or train ride to work for your bike, and it will be healthier for you and the planet.

Save Money on Your Commute

If you decide that you’re going to start commuting by bike, you’ll save a whole lot of money. You won’t be spending money on gas or public transport tickets, so you can have extra for a breakfast or coffee when you get to work. Be careful though, because that saved money could well end up going on cycling gear.

Once you start cycling, you might just find yourself bitten by the bug. So get on your bike today and start pedalling.

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