Improve Your Swimming Technique With 8 Simple Tips

Some people are naturally good swimmers, others aren’t. Whatever the case, you can always improve your technique by implementing a few simple tips. Here are 8 of our favourites to make you look a pro!

  1. Learn to Keep Your Head in the Water

Some people don’t feel confident enough to put their head in the water, but the sooner you do, the better. Your body will be more aligned and you won’t get any pesky pains in your neck stopping you from swimming properly.

  1. Keep Your Body Straight

The tip above will help you with this point, but you also need to focus on making sure your hips aren’t dipping. The straighter your body is, the faster you’ll shoot through the water like an arrow. This is one of the first tips that Tom Daley would give you if you asked him, were sure of it!


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  1. Kick With Your Hips

Rather than kicking with just your legs, try to kick from your hips instead. This will create a different motion in the water, helping you to slice through better. It’ll also stop your legs from getting tired, which I hear a lot of beginner swimmers complaining of. Your kicks shouldn’t be too splashy or frequent, if they are you’re not kicking from your hips.

  1. Practice Your Breathing

The way you breathe while you swim has a lot to do with how successful you are. Practice taking your head out of the water to breath, and try to make your breaths less frequent as you get better and better. Bear in mind that you don’t want to pass out. Your head is usually turned the opposite way to your arm that is out of the water when breathing.

  1. Swim More Often

If you do one long session a week, or even two of those sessions, it might not be enough to get better. More frequent sessions are always best for improving technique, even if you must make them shorter to fit them in. It isn’t hard to get motivated once you think of all the reasons you’d like to get better at swimming.

  1. Know What You’re Doing Each Session

You shouldn’t walk into the pool without a plan. Have an idea of what your itinerary is for that day. It could be something you need to improve on, but make sure you set challenges for yourself and perform certain exercises too. You can even find plans online to help.

  1. Wear a Proper Swimsuit

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a proper suit, but you should buy one made for competitive use. These are built for proper swimming and will help you to improve massively.

  1. Buy Some Goggles

Goggles will help you to see under the water and feel more confident about putting your head in. Many people get sore eyes from the chemicals in the water, so wear goggles to protect yours.

Implement these tips right away and you’ll always get the most out of your swim sessions!


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