How to Up Your Baseball Game In Your Own Back Yard


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Who doesn’t want to be a baseball pro? The average salary for an MLB player is over $4 million and some even make over $6 million a year. That’s got to be enough incentive to want to up your baseball game. So, how do we go about becoming pros without attending one of the prestigious academies? We’re going to look out how you can up your baseball game in the comfort of your own backyard.


The first thing you’re going to want to do is build up your speed, endurance and strength. Working out is one of the most important things for anyone who wants to become a professional baseball player. After all, you’re not going to get very far if you can’t last 10 minutes on the field. Luckily, MLB stars and experts have put together specific workouts to help you build on those key areas. Lower body and core workouts are what you’ll need to start with. Before working on building up your cardio and stamina.


You’re going to need some equipment in your backyard, if you want to be able to practice. Here are some things you’ll need to invest in:

  • A bat – This is quite an obvious one! Just make sure you go for something that’s affordable but not bottom of the range.
  • Balls – Yet another obvious one. Again, go for balls that you can afford but which aren’t 20 cents a piece in Walmart.
  • Pitching machine – Unless you’ve got a willing volunteer who can pitch like a pro, you’re going to want a pitching machine. The hack attack baseball pitching machine seems like a safe bet for wannabe MLB players.
  • Safety gear – Make sure you’ve got all of the appropriate safety gear before you start using a pitching machine. You’ll never make it into the big leagues if you get injured right away.


Write up a training routine and make sure you stick to it. You want to be mixing baseball practice with cardio and strength training, too. Ensure you schedule in rest days so that your muscles have time to repair, on top of all that. Even if you’re having an off-day and can’t be bothered, at least go for a run to stay on track.

Eat Well

All baseball players need to eat well in order to be successful. You’ll need plenty of protein in your diet to build up muscle. Not forgetting carbohydrates for the energy. Have a look for diet plans that are specifically designed with professional sports players in mind.

Join a team

You’re not going to make it as a professional if you don’t have any in-game experience. Join a local team and test your skills against other players. Sometimes people are scouted from these smaller teams, too. The more in-game practice you have the easier it will become when the matches get harder. Before you know it, you could be playing with the pros.

Follow this guide and you’ll soon be making millions like the other Major League Baseball players. Well, maybe. Failing that you might become a minor league hero!


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