How To Train Like A Professional Footballer



When it comes to sport, footballers are among the fittest in the industry. Of course, every professional athlete is incredibly fit because that is part of the deal. But, footballers tend to expend more energy as the sport is constantly moving. In basic terms, they don’t stop running for ninety minutes. If you want to get in the best possible shape for the upcoming season, you should train like the pros. To do that, you have to follow some mandatory requirements.

Set Specific Goals

What position do you play? What do you want to achieve on the pitch? These are basic questions that you have to answer to get in the best possible shape. Everyone on the pitch needs to go for the full hour and a half, but not every player does the same thing. For example, if you are a goal scorer you will want to score as many goals as possible. But, if you are a midfielder you need to assist the forward line and cover the defence.

Create Specific Training Regimes

You are a football player, so don’t train like you play cricket or rugby. Even though there might be transferrable elements, most of them won’t make a difference. For example, as a footballer you do a lot of anaerobic activities, like short, sharp bursts of energy. So, sprint training is a great way to gain the fitness you need. It is pointless getting fit if it doesn’t transfer to the field.

Mix It Up

Once you have discovered your training foundation, you can complement it with other techniques. Remember that you need strength and power on the field as well as the ability to go the time limit. So, think about lifting weights or doing Yoga to offset your regular program. Weights and Yoga will improve your core strength and make training less boring.

Train At High Intensity

Although professionals have tips and tricks that get them into shape, they do train at an incredibly high rate. For all the advice out there to get fit, no advice is better than training as hard as you can for a specified time. High-intensity training prepares your cardiovascular system to deal with more, so it is not found wanting on the pitch. The more you overload, the more resistance you will have to fatigue and tiredness.

Eat & Drink Well

Professionals treat their body like a temple. For the layman, that is hard because your career doesn’t revolve around your body. It would be a lot easier to resist temptation if Manchester United paid you £100,000 a week. But, your body needs the right nutrients when you expend energy to replace it and power your body’s systems. That means cutting out the junk food and replacing it with a well-balanced diet. To maximise your diet, you need to eat at certain times of the day as well.

Cool Down

You need to recover after a long sessions and the best way is a cool down. It can range from a sports massage to an ice bath. It doesn’t matter as long as your body repays its oxygen debt and repairs the tears in the muscles.



The above are just a few examples of how the professionals get in shape for the season ahead. Even if you don’t play at the highest level, it is always a good idea to be as fit as possible. Fitness is the great equaliser in sport.


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