How To Raise Money For Your Community Sports Team



Professional sports – as we all know – are awash with money. Sadly, when it comes to our communities, it’s a little different. Despite the fact that community sports teams play a vital role in keeping kids and youths out of trouble, many struggle to survive. So the question today is: what can you do to raise money for your local sports team? Let’s take a look at some of your options.

The basics

As a valuable part of your community, a lot of people would be happy to get more involved with amateur sports clubs. The trouble is, it’s off the radar for many. So, the first step to finding more funding is to let people know that the club is having problems. You should also think about setting yourself up as a non-profit organization if you haven’t already.

Contact the press

Get in touch with the local press and media, and let them know about the problems the club is facing. Highlight the valuable work that it does for the community. Local media outlets love this kind of story because it connects with the communities that they write for. And it’s a great way to gain exposure to those people out there who have a little money to spare, that also take an interest in community matters.

Hold one-off evenings

One-off evenings like a quiz night or bowling competitions can be a great way to pull people in from the community. You can sell tickets in advance, use some of the money to buy some simple prizes, and spend any profits on equipment and services for the club.  

Start a fantasy league

Another great way to raise funds is to hold a fantasy sports league. You could charge an entry fee for a weekly competition based on the weekend’s results of the pro league results. The winner each week could get a grand prize or a cash reward.. There’s also the possibility of starting a fantasy sportsbook. Entrants can pay a small fee and the ‘winner’ each weekend can get a prize. To get started, you can find an excellent guide to using sports books by following this link. Finally, you could also have a fantasy league based on your own players’ performances. This might encourage some friendly rivalry, and you could even see an improvement in your team’s actual results!



Seek out sponsorship

Local businesses tend to be keen on sponsoring community sports teams, so use this to your advantage. You could get a different sponsor for each age group within your sports club, and have a local business advertise on your club’s shirts. You could also get advertising hoardings around the pitch, for another boost to your income. A good advertising deal will hopefully play for pitch fees, new kits, equipment and even payment for coaching. It’s an excellent opportunity to look into, and local businesses will benefit from it, too. With any luck, it could set you up for a good few seasons, and you will be in a position to do more than just survive.

Seek out sports grants

Elite sports have a lot of money given to them by the government, but there is funding available for community sports clubs as well. There are many foundations and organizations that provide grants and funding for all sports, so it is worth checking out. Head over to Funds Net Services for a great list to get you started. You could also contact your state’s funding department. They may have grants available for community sports clubs.

Hold a charity auction

Another great idea is to hold a charity auction. It will take some work to source some great items to auction off, but if you can get it right, you can raise a serious amount of cash. Think about getting in touch with your local professional club, or perhaps a famous player who was born or who has links with your area. A signed shirt, ball or racket could raise thousands of dollars, all of which will go straight back into your sports club. You could even ask them to pop along and sign it on the day. Although we hear a lot about high profile sports stars getting into trouble, what we don’t hear about is the good work that they do. Many of them will be happy to pop along for an appearance if they are in the area.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to raise money for your community sports club. Sport plays a valuable part in all of our communities, and many people will be happy to be more involved. Good luck with your fundraising!


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