Formula 1 – Has it been a Good Year?

Formula 1 – Has it been a Good YearFormula 1 racing is another sport that I quite enjoy to watch when I get the opportunity, but is not one that I would purposely stay up to the early hours of the morning to catch some of the races halfway across the world.

2014 has been an interesting year for Formula 1 I think, maybe even one of the best in a while.

The New V6 Engines

As of 2014, V6 engines were introduced and a requirement for all cars.  There has been a lot of debate over whether it was necessary for another change, but the change itself came because of the way the road car industry is heading.  My main gripe and one shared with many other fans of Formula 1 is that even if it is a more powerful and efficient engine than previous models, it is an extremely quiet one.

One of the main reasons I enjoy Formula 1 racing when I watch, and maybe it’s just because I am more of a casual fan than a diehard one, is the sound.  Without the sound I find it less interesting and I am more likely to switch over and watch something else.

Hamilton Vs Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton is currently in the lead in the Driver’s Championship driving for Mercedes with his main rival coming in the form of teammate Nico Rosberg.  For me, as much as the sound is as important, the most important thing for a good Formula 1 season is a good rivalry, and I think that Hamilton and Rosberg have put on a great display.  Not only had they secured the Constructors Championship by the Russian Grand Prix, leaving Red Bull no chance of catching up, but they have been thrilling to watch against each other.

Where Has Vettel Been?

They have been a dominating force against all other challengers with either of them appearing more in pole position, fastest lap and winning position standings.  The defending champion from last year Sebastian Vettel has really been nowhere to be seen and this season I wondered if we really have seen the last of his best performances.  Daniel Ricciardo has been another driver I’ve enjoyed watching, but despite his performance, he has been unable to win enough races to stand a chance of winning the Driver’s title.

A Year of Many Changes

I think overall it has been an interesting year and one of many changes, some good – I think the new engines take a lot of getting used to, and some not so good – I really missed Mark Webber.  By far the most interesting change and I purposely left it as being the last thing  I spoke about, was Susie Wolff joining Williams as a reserve and test driver as part of the Free Practice 1 sessions.

This was a seemingly small, but actually very big and much needed change to the sport as she became the first female driver to take part in any Grand Prix weekend since 1992 when Giovanna Amati failed to qualify for the Brazilian Grand Prix.  I am not sure how they would figure out the logistics of female drivers being allowed to compete but I do think it is a step in the right direction.

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