Football – Who Can Beat Chelsea This Year?

Football – Who Can Beat Chelsea This YearIt has been a painful experience this season as a Manchester United fan, but I have to give due credit and respect to Chelsea who have remained head and shoulders above the rest of the Premier League.  This dominant display, and the lack of any real competition, has led many people to answer the question of who can beat Chelsea this year as no-one.

Even Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to agree that the Premier League title race is as good as over.  It is really hard to argue with what he or anyone else says when you consider that we are only 11 games into the season and they are already heading towards a record number of points.

Can United or Liverpool Spoil Their Party?

In seasons gone past, even when Chelsea were at the top of their game, you could expect some spirited competition from the likes of Liverpool and United.  However, after Liverpool disastrously gave away the league last year to City and with United struggling to get back on form and settle in with a new manager since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure, they are both in pretty bad form at the moment and will be doing well if they finish in the top half of the league, never mind posing any real threat at snatching the title from Chelsea.

How About Manchester City?

Many people are looking to Man City has being the only real rival to Chelsea this season, but they are sitting 8 points behind the Stamford Bridge side.  Their form hasn’t been very good either this season, which seems to be a common thing amongst some of the league’s top teams.


Southampton interestingly are sitting just below Chelsea in 2nd place on the league, which is undoubtedly a good thing for the club.  However, could they stay the course and maybe even overtake Chelsea to victory at the end of the season?  It’s doubtful, to be perfectly honest and fair and based on the Saints performance in other seasons, most pundits reckon they will slide down the table as the season progresses.

Why Are Chelsea So Good This Season?

This season more than any, Chelsea have shown what a perfect and balanced combination of world class players.  Oscar, Fabregas and Hazard are standouts for me because although they are gifted dribblers and can run rings round the best number 10’s and pass as good as anyone in the game at the moment, the team also has players who are a physically intimidating force.  Take Costa for example, not only has he got some of the gifted footwork of his generation and able to fill in the spaces and tighten things up in defence but can be a real battering ram as well.

Although it may seem premature to write the competition off, there doesn’t seem to be any good evidence to suggest that Chelsea can be reached or even stopped.  If anything the evidence supports Wenger’s claims that Chelsea could have won the league by early 2015.

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