Five of the Most Dangerous Common Sports

RugbyEveryone knows the likes of bull running, cliff diving and cheese rolling are dangerous yet thrilling activities, but they’re not exactly the types of sport you can get involved in on a weekly basis. However, there are plenty of common sports that hold an element of danger while adding to the enjoyment which you can easily try. Far from life threatening but with a larger chance of injury than playing tiddlywinks, here are five to try.


Both rugby union and league have become a lot safer over the years but any game that involves powerful players charging into each other is going to result in injuries. There are always cases of serious injuries that bring about debate over improving the safety of the sport without ruining the game. There are concerns over children playing rugby too, but for the most part serious injuries are avoided.


In Australia cycling had the third highest number of participants hospitalised out of any sport (after Aussie rules football and soccer). This is a common trend seen in many countries, mainly due to the high speeds cyclists achieve and the lack of protection bar a helmet. There can also be more fatalities as cyclists share roads with other vehicles, so protection is vital.


Hurtling down a slippery slope at high speed is going to result in accidents, so it’s no surprise skiing can be dangerous. That’s why it’s imperative new skiers don’t take to the slope without being confident in their ability. Wearing helmets and goggles, such as those available from High Octane Sports help reduce the chance of seriously hurting yourself and others.

Roller Sports

Rugby, football and cycling all provide some of the highest number of sports injuries but that’s mainly because they have a lot more participants than other sports. On an injury rate per participant basis skateboarding, roller skating and scooting come out on top. Moving at speed on wheels is going to be a recipe for disaster for new starters, but with more confidence and ability the danger lessens.


Mainly as such a common sport, the high level it’s played at and the physical contact side, football is a dangerous common sport. Most injuries aren’t too serious, just cuts and bruises, but, like for all entries on this list, if the rules were tightened and made a lot safer the game would be a lot less fun too.

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