Fancy Costumes UK Stars Swim In


Have you ever coveted the swimsuits that celebrities and stars wear on their trips to the beach? Don’t they look fabulous? While their swimsuits seem to be unique and really amazing, in reality, these are just any other swimming costumes. Sure, some of them are designer swimsuits, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them, as long as you have the budget for it. The only reason why these celebrities stand out is because they make the right choice in regard to their body. This means that the fancy costumes UK star swim in are according to their body type so they manage to look spectacular in them.

If you also want to wear one of those swimming costumes that UK stars swim in, all you have to do is understand your body shape and choose a swimsuit accordingly:

The Pear Shape

This is when you are smaller on top and curvy at the thigs and hips like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. The key to getting the perfect swimsuit for a pear shape body is to get the coverage you need for your bottom half and balance your proportions. The bottom can be minimized with an eye-catching top or a plunging neckline that draws the eyes upward. Don’t go for a thick-banded bottom or a boy short as the extra fabric will highlight your bottom.

Large Bust

This is when you are chesty i.e. have ample cleavage and need more support on top like Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. Support is essential if you are chest is well-endowed. Go for swimsuits that have molded cups or underwire for giving the girls some support. Don’t choose embellishments and ruffles if you don’t want people to focus on your chest.

Small Bust

This is when you have small proportions on top such as Kate Hudson. As less support is needed, you can go for some really stylish and fancy costumes that UK stars swim in. These include swimsuits that are embellished and offer minimal coverage. You can go for suits that have patterns or bows for creating the illusion of a bigger chest. Tops with bold prints and triangle tops are able to give the illusion of curves.


This is when you have fewer curves and are straighter from top to bottom like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz. Here you have to go for styles that will aid you in flaunting your frame. You can create the illusion of a curvier and shapelier figure by wearing suits that offer less coverage. You can add some feminine flair and intrigue by opting for tops and bottoms with bold embellishments, ruffles and prints. Choose a small bottom to give your derriere a curvier and fuller appearance.

Apple Shape

This is when you carry most of your weight around your tummy or middle. There are a number of one-piece or two-piece suits such as tankini styles or high-waisted ones that can smooth out your middle.

When you choose a suit according to your body type, it will be like you are wearing a suit that UK stars swim in. Pro Swim Wear is a good place to find a costume for any body type.

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