Everything You’ll Need To Mimic Your Favourite Football Stars

We watch football on the television and we love to look up to our favourite stars. The likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning continue to inspire generations of youngsters. So, if you’re looking for ways to mimic them and be like them you need to follow this guide. Trying to emulate the big stars of today can help to turn you into a star of the future. Check out these ideas you can use to help you mimic your favourite football stars.

Understand the Game

The first thing you need to do is to get to grips with the basics of the game. This means you’ve got to understand the rules, tactics and plays prevalent in modern football. It is a complex and strategic game, so you need to be dedicated, and take the time to learn. The better an understanding you have of the game, the better you can play it. So, take this opportunity to brush up, study the rules and process how to excel in this popular sport.

Own the Gear

After you get to grips with the basics of the sport, you need to make sure you have all the correct gear. You can’t play football if you don’t make sure you have all the stuff with you. Can you imagine Richard Sherman running out for the Seahawks without the right gear?!  You need to make sure you gear up this football season with new cleats, a helmet and pads. Having the right stuff is important for learning to play the sports, but it’s essential for health and safety as well. So don’t overlook this aspect, or try to cut corners.

Watch Lots of NFL

Mimicking your favourite stars means watching and analysing the way that they play. And to do this you need to make sure you watch lots of NFL games. Nobody knows what to expect out of this year’s NFL so you need to make sure you watch as many games as possible. This way you can see how your icons perform, and whether they have any new plays they are working on. This is the best way to get up to speed with how players play, and pick up anything you can try out.

Join a Team

So, now you’re ready to take what you’ve learnt and observed and put it into practice. You’re ready to join a team and start playing football. Now, take a look at your local area, as there will most likely be a team you can sign up for. If there isn’t, why not think about starting a team yourself? There are bound to be some interested parties in your area. It’s a great way to bond with others over a mutual appreciation of the sport, and it’s very sociable.


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As you can see, there is plenty you can do if you want to mimic your favourite football stars. You’re going to need to be disciplined and dedicated in order to do so. But, if you can follow this advice, you’ll go a long way toward being able to achieve exactly what you want.


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