Designing a home gym for fitness success

hardgainer-ectomorph-workout-2[1]If you are someone who really wants to get fit and work out but always seems to have a good reason not to go to the gym, a home gym could be the solution. Having your own gym at home will mean regular workouts can fit in with the rest of your busy schedule, you can be more committed to working out regularly, and you should see the results of your efforts much quicker.

The first step in designing a home gym is deciding where you will have it. A dedicated room is great, and a lift or garage conversion is ideal, but not everyone has those options. Any space with ventilation can be utilized as a home gym; all you need is an area of space so that you can stretch out; and, of course, it needs to be somewhere cool. Even a corner of a room which is already used can be turned into a workout area.

Decorating your home gym

Plain, light colors are good, particularly if the space is quite enclosed, as you don’t want the room to feel too busy. Aim for a color that makes you feel relaxed and calm, such as gray for a neutral setting. Choose a bright, fresh color if you prefer – your gym should inspire you. You could even decorate it in the color of your favorite team. When the room has been decorated, add some wall art, a wall mural, stencils or decals, or hang some sports memorabilia if you are so inclined. It is also a good idea to add some mirrors – they will assist you with obtaining the correct posture and create a feeling of space. If you have the room, consider mirrored cabinets for storage. If you have a TV in your gym, you may need to use a mirror to reflect the TV screen so that it can be seen when you are using your equipment – the exercise bike, for example. Music is also good for the gym as it not only gets the adrenalin pumping, it can also provide a beat for you to work out to.

What to have in your home gym

To begin with, weights or dumbbells and a bench might be enough for you to start working out. It all depends on what you want to achieve, how much time you intend to spend there, and your budget. Get expert advice from someone who is medically trained and from an expert in gym equipment before you make any big purchases.

A treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machines are straightforward options. More serious gym users might opt for a multi gym, a functional trainer or weight training system, a cross trainer (which simulates climbing stairs, running and walking without as much stress on the joints), a leg press or a body lift gym. A punch bag can be a good idea and it will help with stress relief as well, or you might prefer a yoga mat and cushions in your gym. Finally, you can add finishing touches: towels for wiping up sweat, a fan to cool you down, a skipping rope, and your favorite CDs.

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