Cycling Accessories For Beginners

Cycling is a great hobby that can also double up to be part of a healthy exercise routine.  It requires minimum experience and actual skill and costs a lot less than many other hobbies.  There is also the fact that when you have a bike you can ride, you have to reasonable extent, freedom.  That being said, to get the full benefit of cycling as a pastime you need to invest in some, not many, handy accessories.  In the following article we look at a few of these.


It is particularly important if you are heading out on the main roads and streets of the UK that you wear a cycling helmet, though really anywhere you decide to ride you should wear one.  Helmets are important as the protect you from having serious head injuries when falls from bikes inevitably happen.  A good helmet is one that should fit comfortably and securely on your head.  One that has adjustable cradle to ensure it fits your head perfectly and with absorbency pads for comfort and protection when a fall happens is highly recommended.  The thing to note is that an expensive helmet does not necessarily mean it is more protective.  Often more expensive helmets are just so because they offer more ventilation or extras that are not as important.

Cycling Shoes

You may not have given much thought to the type of shoes you are going to wear while cycling, thinking that a normal pair of trainers would suffice.  However, there is a lot of good reasons why you should consider purchasing cycling shoes  as not only are they more comfortable than the average sport shoe, they also are designed to improve and help your performance.  They work in a similar fashion to ski binding and when you use them with clip-less pedals, you are able to pedal easier and more efficiently.


Along with cycling shoes, clothing is something you should not overlook as an unnecessary extra.  Given that you will be spending a large percentage of the year cycling in the poor weather we have come to accept as the norm in this country, having sufficient layers that will help you cycle for as long as you need without becoming uncomfortable or too cold, are vital.  There are many guides online and everyone has their own preference, but a three layer system is the best option when you are on your bike in less than favourable conditions as you can always remove a layer if you need to.

Bottle And Cage

The least expensive accessory for cycling is also one of the most necessary and that is a water bottle and cage to hold it in on your bike.  The great thing is that this is almost a standard across the board in most models of bikes from the major manufacturers.  Obviously when you are taking part in any physical activity, you secrete through sweat a lot of liquid and to prevent dehydration you need to replenish that.  So even if it is a cold and windy day, you should always cycle with a full bottle of water and refill it as and when you need to.


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