CrossFitCrossFit is something I have got into in a big way recently and I would encourage anyone looking to really challenge themselves in a friendly and unintimidating environment to head to their local CrossFit training session!

What Exactly Is CrossFit?

It could be that you have heard of CrossFit but were not really sure what it involved.  It is not for the faint hearted, but is very rewarding when you get things right.

Essentially it is the core strength and conditioning training program that many different people use from all walks of life from professional and elite athletes to champion martial art competitors, military and tactical operations teams and police cadets in order to get into the right shape.

Although it sounds overwhelming, if you ever attend a CrossFit training session designed for the general public you will see that it is as far away from an elitist type thing as you can get.  The idea is that it is aimed at anyone who wants to push themselves, regardless of their ability and skills.

General Broad and Inclusive

As mentioned the idea is not to cater to one type of person, but to cater to all people.  CrossFit has a universal scalability that nothing else compares with and you are just as likely to find housewives and retirees in a group alongside mountain bike cyclists, cage fighters and marathon runners.

The thought is that the training needs of retirees and Olympic level athletes differ not in terms of kind but by degrees.  This means that the training programs are never changed but just scaled and altered to match the intensity and load an individual participant can handle.

What Does CrossFit Involve?

Movements and Exercises Commonly Used In CrossFit

The focus of CrossFit is constantly varied, functional, high intensity movements and exercises that are inspired by the following:

Cardio – Swimming, Running, Rowing etc.

Body weight exercises – Rope Climbing, Muscle-Up, Handstand Push-Up, Burpee etc.)

Plyometrics – Squat Jump, Box Jumps etc.

Power Lifting – Squat, Dead Lift, Bench Press

Olympic-Style Weightlifting – Snatch, Clean and Jerk etc.

Calisthenics – Knee Bends, Dips, Sit-Ups, Lunges, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups

Various Miscellaneous – Wallball, Kettlebell etc.

Equipment Commonly Used In CrossFit

In order to complete these movements, a variety of apparatus and equipment is used such as:



Resistance Bands

Plyo Boxes

Medicine Balls


Jump Ropes

Gymnastic Rings

Rubberized Dumbbells


Terms and Phrases Commonly Used In CrossFit

When you attend a CrossFit session for the first time you could be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped into a foreign land where everyone is speaking in a different language.  I was exactly the same.  That is why I thought it would be handy to put a list together that featured definitions of the commonly used words and phrases.

AMRAP – As Many Reps (sometimes referred to as rounds) as Possible.

Box – The term box is used to refer to the CrossFit gym.

BP – Bench Press

EMOM – This means Every Minute on the Minute

BS – Self-explanatory really, Back Squat

CLN – Clean

C&J – Clean & Jerk

GPP – Your general physical preparedness, otherwise known as fitness.

GTG – This stands for Grease the Groove, meaning a protocol for doing many sub-maximal sets of a specific exercise or movement throughout the course of the day.

Rep – Another self-explanatory term, but worth explaining.  This refers to one repetition or performance of a particular movement or exercise.

SSP – SSP stands for Specific physical preparedness, also known as your skill training.

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