Cheap Ways To Keep Fit This Summer

Like you, I too dream of buying that windsurfing board. Or, just regularly surfing the waves. But the nearest beach to where I live is nearly one hour away. That is a long distance to travel for regular exercise. Or, what about jumping out of a plane at five thousand feet. Mountain biking, across a steep rocky terrain. These all sound incredible and awesome however they have two things in common. First, they may not be accessible to you and second they do come with rather big expenses. No to mention safety risks. So, today what we are looking for is some cheap, easy ways to keep fit this summer.

  1. Swimming Outdoors

I do not recommend this if you get “British Summer” where you live. But, if you currently reside in a place with a tropical climate, why not? Find your nearest, river, lake, or beach and take a dip. You should recommend it is safe first. There were be signs and do always check the strength of the current if you are in a river. We recommend going to a lake if you can and keeping to the shallows at first. Also, as tempting as it may be, do not swim under any waterfalls. There can be hidden currents underneath the surface that can pull you in. What will you need to buy? A swimming costume and a towel.

     2) Running, On Road Or Cross Country


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If you want to build up a sweat and release some anxiety at the same time, running might be your best bet. If you run on the roads to make sure you are road safe. Run on the side towards oncoming traffic and make sure you are visible to drivers. If you are running at night, you will need some form of lighting. You need to do proper stretches before you leave your house, or you will not be able to complete your run. Build it up slowly. All you need for this is a good pair of trainers by a top brand like Nike. You can find Nike runners online at affordable prices.

    3) Home Gym

Joining a gym can be expensive and quite contrary to social promises, there is not always one near where you live. But that should not stop you working out with weights and other equipment. You can buy cheap equipment online and set in an available space in your house. Do not lift anything too challenging without some support. It is always a good idea to work out with someone, even at home. You should also look up some exercises you can do at home or get an app. You can consider buying an exercise DVD if you respond to motivation during your exercise.

   4) Hillwalking

You would be surprised how much of a workout hiking gives you. By the time to reach the top of a mountain after a long trek, you will certainly have built up a sweat. You will need to buy some good walking boots and perhaps a good kit. But once you have that you are a good to go.

We hope you enjoy these easy, cheap ways of enjoying sports and keeping fit this summer.


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