Awesome Ways To Boost Stamina (Without Going To The Gym)


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If you’ve found yourself on this website, you’re halfway there. You’ve made the conscious decision to make a change, and boost your fitness! Good work. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ve joined a gym in the past, and it didn’t end well. Going to the gym gets dull over time. It’s the same old exercises, in the same old space. It’s hard to stay motivated. More importantly, it’s hard to enjoy it! Working out and building fitness should be fun. That’s why we’re listing some of the best ways to build stamina without going anywhere near the gym.

Bodyweight exercises

Building stamina is all about learning to pump more blood and oxygen to your muscles. But, you don’t need fancy gym equipment to start gaining muscle and stamina. You don’t even need weights or dumbbells. The best resistance is your own body! You can start with simple star jumps. Forcing your own body into the air burns more calories than you would imagine. It also builds core strength, and opens up the lungs. Eventually you can start turning those jumps into burpees (which experts call the ultimate body exercise!).

Skipping rope

There’s a reason why the world’s best boxers and athletes skip rope every day. It’s one of the best cardio exercises you can do. It burns almost twice as many calories as jogging for the same period of time. And, it’s a lot more exciting. At the same time, you’re honing your coordination, balance, and core strength. It’s one of the most effective all-round exercises. If you don’t believe us, try it for five minutes, and see how out of breathe you are!


Kickboxing, martial arts, and fighting might seem scary. But, it’s a fantastically efficient way to build stamina and strength. Muay Thai Kickboxing focuses on core strength, balance, and sheer fitness. It’s all about mastering the explosive movements and developing a sense of agility. In just a few weeks, it will get you into the best shape of your life. It will also help you develop your confidence, by teaching you essential self-defence skills.

Start cycling to work

If you don’t fancy getting punched and kicked during your workout, why not start smaller? By cycling to work, you’ll easily squeeze exercise into your daily routine. You’ll also benefit from burning tons of calories, and getting a breath of fresh air before work! It’s a great alternative to sitting in traffic jams on your morning commute too.

Team sports

One of the hardest things about going to the gym regularly is going it alone. There’s no-one else to motivate you, or work you harder. There’s no-one to cheer you on or congratulate a job-well-done. That’s why team sports are great. There’s a true sense of teamwork and comradery. It makes exercising almost effortless. Plus, the schedule of soccer matches and basketball meets will keep your exercise efforts nice and regular.

Go on, get out of the gym, and find a better way to exercise! What are your favourites?

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