Pull Up Bar

How Do You Actually Use A Pull Up Bar?

Pull Up Bar

If you have recently invested in or are still looking at your options for pull up bars, then you will likely be interested in finding out how you actually use one.  Although a pull up bar is essentially a very easy piece of exercise equipment to use – there is a whole world of difference between easy to use and using it correctly.  A major mistake that people often make is assuming they know how to do a pull up properly, so don’t bother asking or finding out whether they are right or wrong.

In the best case scenario, these assumptions mean that they waste a lot of time and effort, but, in the worst case scenario, these assumptions can actually cause damage to themselves.  Therefore it is crucial that you know how to do pull ups properly before using a pull up bar.  In the post below, we have put together a step by step guide to ensure you do not waste valuable workout time or injure yourself when using the best pull up bar.

Step 1 – Warm Up

Before doing any exercise, it is essential that you warm yourself up fully.  Cold muscles are brittle and you can easily cause yourself an injury by trying to exercise and do pull ups before you have stretch them out and warmed them up.  An additional and important benefit of warming up properly before exercise is that you will often feel less stiff and sore the next day.

Step 2 – Preparation

You need to stand straight with your arms stretched fully above your head.  Ideally, your pull up bar should just be within touching distance.  Grab the bar with your arms stretched at the same width apart as your shoulders and hang so that your feet are completely off the ground.  With any type of pull up or chin up, you need to ensure that you hang for at least 2 seconds before repeating or letting go.

Step 3 – Hang

While you are hanging, start to lift your legs up a little.  You are probably wondering why you do this.  The simple answer is that it helps you to balance and stop twisting while pulling up or trying to use your legs or kicking out when it gets too difficult to pull up.

Step 4 – Pull Up

While you are hanging with your arms stretched out completely, start to pull yourself up until your chin is on top of the bar.  It is crucial that you make sure your elbows do not move to either side and move directly downwards.  When you pull up, your body weight creates the resistance that applies the pressure to your arms, shoulders and chest.

Once you have reached the top, hold that position for at least 3 seconds before lowering yourself back to the starting position with your arms fully stretched out.

Step 5 – Working Out

The final step is taking what you have learned in the first 4 steps and using that to build up an effective workout routine.  To really benefit from pull ups you need to do at least 5 repetitions per set of pull ups and 5 sets in your workout.

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