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The internet is not exactly short of websites, blogs and other sites that cover sports in one form or another.  However, I am sure you will agree with me that there is a distinct lack of a one stop shop website that serves as a resource for all the sports you like, saving the hassle of having to load up several different tabs or windows, which can waste a lot of time particularly if you just want to keep up to date on score lines, headlines and anything that interests you on the training side of things.

That is why I created this website – I figured that if I wanted all the sports news that mattered to me in one easy to navigate round place, there would be plenty of other people who were looking for the same thing.

So, what does Sport And All cover?

Cross Fit and Cross Fit Games

Cross Fit is something that has been around for a while, but has recently become a lot trendier so there is a lot more interest in it.  I personally love it and go along to Cross Fit sections whenever my schedule allows it.  On Sport And All you will find out a bit more about the training discipline as well as information about Cross Fit Games, competitions based around the training sessions.


I grew up watching a lot of boxing and although I think the Heavyweight division, particularly in Britain, has not been up to the same standard that it was in the past, I still have hope that things will improve.


I am a huge Manchester United fan and would be wrong for any self-respecting English football fan to not cover the beautiful game in some shape or form.

Rugby League

This is another one of my passions and I think it’s a real shame that England has a decent team at the moment but the game doesn’t get the promotion and coverage on terrestrial television that is deserves.


Now, I will admit, I only have a very slight and passing interest in golf – I guess it’s probably the one sport I care least about.  However, I know it is very popular and with Rory McIllroy becoming one of the best and Tiger Woods still playing amazing rounds – there is still plenty of things to get excited about if that’s what you like!


Cycling is one of those things that seemed to exist below the radar in this country.  There has always been interest in it, but not to the same degree that there was after Bradley Wiggins won the Tour De France and the medals that both the Vellodrome and road race cycling teams picked at the London 2012 Olympics.


Tennis is another thing along with cycling that I love doing myself.  I really don’t think you can speak about sporting achievements whether you are talking about tennis directly or sport in general without mentioning the achievements of the top 3 in the men’s game – Nadal, Federer and Djokovic and without giving special notice to the Brit that made history – Andy Murray.

Formula One

I know it’s a bit of a cliché for a guy to like the rip roaring sound of fast cars with super charged engines speeding round a racecourse, but I do!

You can expect all of the above and so much more on Sport And All from opinion pieces to news to reviews and everything in-between!


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