A Memorable Year in Golf

A Memorable Year in GolfNow I will be the first to admit that I am not a particularly big fan of golf and don’t follow it on the television or radio much.  However, I am aware of our many successes and did feel a sense of pride when the European team won the Ryder Cup against America and I recently read an interesting article by Mark Lawrenson on the Mail Online.

He was proposing his reasons why golf as a sport should win all the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards this year.  He did point out that this would probably never happen but after reading his article I can see why he feels that way.

Europe’s Victorious Golf Team – Sports Team of the Year?

Europe should win the team award for one of the most memorable displays of dominance on golf courses in the Ryder Cup.  There was no other team that really displayed the same level of achievement this year.  It was surprising the US team have had such a bad run lately because unlike Europe, they have a good system for finding and developing talent in America and host one of the game’s biggest and most glamorous tournaments.

Paul McGinley – Sports Coach of the Year?

However, despite wondering where it went wrong for America, it was a clear and deserved victory for Europe.  Then there’s the title of Coach of the Year.  Which Mark Lawrenson felt should go to Paul McGinley for his efforts as the captain and coach of Europe.  He even sought help from Sir Alex Ferguson when dealing with the expectation that Britain and Europe had that he could help deliver a victory.  This and his whole performance in his role as coach are some of the reasons that people are suggesting that he could be the best coach of a Ryder Cup team since the legendary Tony Jacklin.

Rory McIllroy – Sports Personality of the Year?

While I don’t understand or get golf that well, this is the one I think I would agree with Mark Lawrenson the most with – that Rory McIllroy deserves to be made BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year.  For a start, there have only been two golfers in the history of the award who have won it, since 1965.  That was Dai Rees for when he captained Britain and Ireland when they won the 1957 Ryder Cup and Sir Nick Faldo when he won his very first Masters in 1989.

Even I can see that based on those statistics alone, there would be a serious amount of outcry if McIlroy didn’t win. After all, McIlroy has put together arguably the greatest season ever seen in European golf.

Many people would even argue that not even Sir Nick Faldo’s best could compete in terms of greatness with McIlroy’s.  Not only did he win 2 majors, but won the flagship event of the European Tour and one of the four WGC events that are only slightly less important than the majors.

That is without even mentioning his skill and level of play at the Ryder Cup.  Even as not the biggest fan of golf in the world I would be happy to see the viewer’s vote for Rory McIlroy as the Sports Personality of the Year 2014.

What do you think?  Has it been a great year for golf – the best even?  Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

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