A Beginner’s Guide to FUT ’16


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In the aftermath of Christmas, it’s quite likely that many of you were treated to the latest edition of FIFA. If you’re a returning player, you’ll know that one of the best features in the series is Ultimate Team. It keeps players coming back to the mode time and time again, even when other parts of the game are lacking. You can have endless fun both on and offline as you build your dream squad and take on the computer or other real players. What’s not to love?

As always with new releases, there are a few changes to the game mode with this year’s edition. There’s even an entirely new feature that has been drafted in (see what I did there?). That’s why we’ve compiled this guide so that you, too, can master the most popular game mode in the FIFA series.

It’s a good idea to keep up to date on changes to the game mode. You can find all the latest info for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team online.

Squad Building

The very nature of the FUT mode means that you build your own squad. Though, don’t think for a second that your opportunities are limitless! For sure, you can fill your team with the biggest names in world football, but they won’t gel like a proper team. FUT uses a chemistry rating to determine how your team gels together. Players from the same team, league, or nation will play better in unison. You can boost chemistry by drafting in a manager, or with special chemistry boosters.

The Draft

The draft mode is the new feature in this year’s Ultimate Team, and it’s picking up some major plaudits for its innovation. It works much in the same way as the regular game mode, but the rewards are far more lucrative. So much so, that you need to buy or earn tokens to compete. The prizes for going unbeaten throughout the tournament, though, are unparalleled. You start by choosing a captain, and then have to build your team to maximum chemistry with the options offered to you. Easier said than done.

Understanding Items

Like any trading card game (which is what FUT is, in essence), there are a number of boosters to acquire. These can range from healing items for your injured players, to manager cards to boost your team’s chemistry. A new addition to FUT in 2015/16 is the addition of loan players. Now, if you’re struggling for coins and in a position of need, you can use your EA points to purchase loan players. You can find these in the catalogue, but be warned; they will disappear from your squad after their game time has been reached.

Transfer Market

Just like in real life, transfers are a big part of football in FIFA Ultimate Team. The way it works in the game is a lot like the stock market in real life. You put your players up for auction and they go to the highest bidder. Concept squads are a great way of planning for teams with maximum chemistry. You can put in some predetermined factors, such as an all-Serie A team, and the computer will generate the best players in each position. Then, you can quickly go into the transfer market and buy the players you need. Easy!

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