5 Important Benefits Of Choosing OEM Parts For Your Bike



When it comes to looking for replacement or spare motorcycle parts, you will find that there is an increasingly overwhelming variety to choose from.  When looking at a particular motorcycle parts store you will perhaps find yourself wondering if you want used, new and genuine, aftermarket or maybe even OEM parts.  As with purchasing anything, it is crucial that you do not base your decision solely on price.  In the following article then, we will be giving you some of the main benefits, regardless of whether you are looking for Yamaha bike parts or Kawasaki motorcycle parts, why you should consider OEM.

The Promise Of A Quality Item

Unlike if you buy aftermarket parts, you can be sure that OEM parts will meet the standard of quality of the parts that came with your bike, as they are duplicates of the parts the bike’s manufacturer used in the factory.  This means you do not need to worry much and can have the new part fitted and be riding again in no time at all.]

Helps You Retain Your Warranty

When you use parts that are not genuine or OEM, the bike manufacturer cannot offer the same guarantee on the performance of these parts.  So although aftermarket parts may seem better priced, if having them on your bike voids your warranty, they are not really better value.  With OEM parts, as they are duplicates of the parts used to build your bike in the first place, they are still covered.

Meet The Safety Standards

Even when parts made by third party companies are good imitations, they do not always meet the safety standards of the original parts.  However, when you invest in OEM parts, you can be sure that as they are complete duplicates of those made by the manufacturer and fitted to your bike in the factory that they will meet the high standards of safety.

Value For Money

Although there are other options that are not quite as expensive as OEM parts, it is worth remembering our note in the opening paragraph that you should not be concerned just with the price.  You get greater value for money purchasing OEM parts as they are parts build at the same time following the same design as the original parts used for your bike.  So they offer closer and better durability and performance than other varieties.

Reduce Downtime for Your Bike

It doesn’t matter whether you just use your bike for recreational purposes at the weekend or use it every day for your commute to work and around town, you will obviously want to have as little downtime as possible.  When you choose OEM parts other than some of the alternatives, you know that you will be able to keep downtime to a low, because you know the parts will fit, they will work and there is no reason to be worried about this.  Also, the fact that they are easy to source at any motorcycle parts store.

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