5 Conclusions from the British Grand Prix

The 2015 Silverstone Grand Prix has been and gone, and what a race it was. Here are 5 conclusions we can come to in the aftermath of the race.

  1. It Was a True Spectator’s Event

The excitement around the track was palpable when, and before, the race started. This does away with the idea that Formula 1 has become too insular. People who had never been to an F1 race before were enjoying the spectacle alongside everyone else.

This was clearly aided by the fact that the decision was made to cut prices and make it accessible to everyone no matter what their financial situation is. This is exactly the kind of initiative that F1 needs to embrace going forward.

  1. Tough Times Continue for Red Bull

Last season the incredible performances of Daniel Ricciardo led many of us to believe that we had a new star on our hands. Some even thought that he’d be challenging for the championship this year. But that simply hasn’t happened, and Red Bull has struggled.

Red Bull simply hasn’t been competitive. Of course, Ricciardo could still turn out to be a future star. But things will have to improve at Red Bull, or he will have to leave, before that happens. There’s been some talk of Aston Martin working with Red Bull in the future so things might improve.


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  1. Things Aren’t Much Better at Honda

Things are not going well at Honda either. In fact, you could say things are even more drastic at Honda. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the differences between Honda and McLaren are becoming difficult to contain.

Having two manufacturers working on one team is clearly not working. The differences are too large and the performances, as we saw at Silverstone, are simply not good enough. And McLaren, in particular, is becoming frustrated in the relationship.

  1. Formula 1 is as Popular as Ever in Britain

Anyone who was worried about the popularity of Formula 1 in Britain can rest easy after the success of the Grand Prix at Silverstone. The crowds were huge at the race track with 111,000 people showing up on Saturday and 140,000 on Sunday.

That’s before you count the number of people who were watching on the television. This isn’t something that happens once a year when the sport comes to Britain though. There’s a strong contingent of people who follow what happens on television and via apps like World Formula.

  1. There’s Nothing Boring About F1

Over the last few years, a lot of people have started to complain that Formula 1 is getting boring, but that’s simply not true. What most people tend to mean when they talk about the sport getting boring is that there are fewer crashes nowadays.

But if you ask me, that’s only a good thing. It was never the crashes and the horrible injuries (and even deaths) that resulted from them that made F1 exciting. It was, and is, the incredible driving, overtaking and engineering that was on display at Silverstone that makes it exciting.


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