4 Unique Sports You Could Give A Go This Summer

When the world is taken by a major sporting event, you commonly find more people start taking part in that particular form of exercise. During Wimbledon, the tennis rackets are dug out from dusty places in the garage. Around the time of the world cup, the goal posts start going up in people’s gardens. But, you may want to try something different and experience a more unique sporting activity. Set a different trend with these fantastic sports. They may not be as popular as tennis right now, but they sure are fun.


Well, we will start off with the ridiculous and the absurd and work our way backwards. Or, perhaps we will just stick with the ridiculous on this post. Bathtubbing is the sport of racing in a bathtub. A propeller can be attached to the outside of the tub or they can be paddled like a canoe. The race takes place over a one hundred metre course where you try to beat the best time. The first bath tubing race was a major failure. It was complete mayhem with countless bathtubs racing through the water at super powered speeds. Needless to say, new rules were invented, and the sport is taken more seriously these days. Well…more than it was, at least.

   2) Krav Maga



You see, we told you they would get less silly. Krav Maga is the Israeli form of self-defence, but can be learnt by just anyone. Unlike Bathtubing, this sport can be brutal. But, similar to karate, those trained in the skill take an oath never to use it except in the form of self-defence. Any adult who does use a sport like this and severely injures someone can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. That aside, the sport is intensive, vigorous and will certainly whip you into shape if you get started this summer.

 3) Kissing Contests

Well, this sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Kissing contest are held annually in Italy and see couples locking lips in different situations. For instance, one challenge is to see how long you can stay kissing underwater in a transparent pool. Or, while continuing to dribble a basketball without making a mistake. You can try this sport at home with a partner. See how long you can lock lips for while multitasking. Remember, keep it safe. That means no trying any fast and furious moves.

4) Sky Diving

If there are any thrill seekers reading this, we strongly suggest you consider trying skydiving. Just think of it as the best roller coaster in the world as you drop out of a plane thousands of feet in the air, with nothing but a parachute to break your fall. If you are worried about safety, fear not. More people die from falling off a horse than they do skydiving.

There you have it four awesome sports you can try this summer without getting lost in the crowds. We admit two are quite silly but, believe it or not, these are all officially recognised as sports!


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