4 Golf Tournaments Every Fan Must Attend

For any golf fan, it’s their dream to watch a tournament live. But with so many tournaments to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is worth spending your money on. Well, I’ve narrowed it down to four tournaments that I think every golf fan needs to attend at least once!

The Masters

One of, if not the most, prestigious golf tournament in the world. The Masters at Augusta is a huge event on the sporting calendar, and a must visit for die hard golf fans. You’ll find the whole tournament experience to be breathtaking and just pure, unadulterated golf. That’s what The Masters is all about, golf, golf and more golf. Everything about the place is golf related; some people call it the home of the sport. There’s so much history around the grounds and on the course, it’s a wonderful sight to behold. Plus, you’ll see all of the games biggest stars competing for the top prize.

The Ryder Cup

This is the big daddy of team golf tournaments; there is no event that compares to it. The Ryder Cup is a battle between America & Europe, as they fight it out to see who is best. The Europeans are the current holders, but the Americans will be hoping to regain the trophy next year. This event is truly special as it only happens once every two years and changes venue each time. The Ryder Cup 2016 shall be hosted in Minnesota and will undoubtedly be one of the hottest tickets in world sport. What makes this event so great is the unique atmosphere of the crowds, it’s really like no other. Usually, you have a large crowd of people cheering for lots of different players on the course. But with this event the crowd is either cheering for Europe or America, so it gets very passionate!


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US Open

This tournament is held in different places each year, but that doesn’t stop it from being memorable. Many people think of the US Open as the toughest tournament in golf, which leads to excellent entertainment. You get to see top class players struggle to compete in the tricky conditions and see some sublime shots being made. The US Open has a long list of past champions that have won there and gone on to achieve greatness in the sport. A wonderful tournament if you’re looking for nail-biting golf to watch.

The Players Championships

An annual event that features the top fifty players in world golf. The Players Championships can boast the biggest prize fund of any golfing event in the calendar. And boy does it show in the quality! You see the stars at their absolute best as they try to win the massive cash prize and a place in history. Plus, the course is one of the best in the world and easily accessible for fans. You’ll find yourself having great views of every single hole, and it makes you feel closer to the action. Also, it’s arguably the most scenic course there is, some of the views are absolutely stunning.


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