3 Of The Most Dangerous Sports In The World

We love sports here, but we would be the first to admit that some of them are seriously dangerous. The injuries that you can sustain playing certain sports are severe. The risks professional athletes take are incredible. But, that said, we still love these sports. Perhaps, that is because we put the danger of these events to the back of our minds and leave it there. We want to get lost in the excitement of it all, and that is hard to do when you realise someone could be about to get a concussion. Here are the most extreme cases of dangerous sports. You might find a few quite shocking.

Horseback Riding

You might be thinking we have gone slightly mad, wondering what is so dangerous about trotting around on a horse. You probably do not realise that horseback riding is more dangerous than taking ecstasy. Just let that thought sink in for a moment. Participating in a sport is more dangerous statistically, than taking an illegal, mind altering drug. But, when you think about it, it is not that surprising. When you are horseriding, you are completely dependent on the will of an animal. An animal that only the best trainers can always have full control over. You will be trying to get that animal to jump over massive hurdles, run at high speeds and obey your commands. It certainly sounds a lot more dangerous now.

American Football

American football is widely known for being dangerous to the players. The amount of head injuries and brain traumas caused by the sport is quite simply staggering. There have been a few documentaries on it that have shown the effect playing has had on members of the teams. But, we have never even considered banning American football. It may now have even overtaken baseball as America’s favourite pastime. Still, the plays are aggressive and have even been known to be deadly. The padding players where can not keep them totally safe from the huge blows they take during the match. Perhaps that is why flag football plays are becoming more popular. Flag football is the same sport without the physical contact.



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While the players run into one another, who would have thought the cheerleaders at the side of the pitch are in just as much danger. But if you have ever watched professional cheerleaders you will know how risky, not risque, it can be. The stunts are crazy when viewed up close and personal and like a car, there is far more going on underneath than you realise. While horse riders rely on animals, cheerleaders rely on human error, or rather, a lack of it. If a cheerleader puts one foot out of place when a girl is thrown into the air, she might hit the ground rather than being caught by her teammates

We are under no illusion that the dangers of these sports will ever stop them being played. In truth, the danger of it all is probably what makes it so much fun to watch and do.


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