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Three Reasons Why You Should Get A Gym Membership This Winter


It doesn’t matter if you enjoy working out every day, or you want to stay healthy and get your life back on track this season. If you don’t have a gym membership, you’re missing out! Gym memberships are a great way to lose weight, expand your social life, and try something new. They are ideal for families and individuals alike, and offer many opportunities to have fun and get into the best shape of your life. Here are three reasons why everyone should get a gym membership this year

There’s More Variety In The Gym

Unbelievably, there’s plenty of variety to be had when you join a gym. Even if you have a home gym set up, there’s only so much room in your home for exercise equipment. At the gym, you’ll have your choice of a wide variety of machines, including weights, treadmills, and Stairmasters. Most gyms have other benefits, such as pools and saunas, making it a great opportunity to train cross-fit style, or take up something new that you had never considered before. You might find the ideal workout for you! Like changing a tire on a car, learning new machines might be tricky the first time, but once you learn the basics, new exercise equipment becomes second nature.

Your Whole Family Can Get In On The Act

If you have a family, everyone can benefit by going to the gym. Your spouse can join in, and you can both spend time in a meaningful way together. Children can take part in swimming and other classes created for their age group, and everyone will learn about healthy lifestyle changes. You can join leagues, take part in races, and cheer each other on. Working out becomes a family affair and you’ll be able to have fun no matter how big or small your family is.

There Are Multiple Events To Take Part In

There are many different events to take part in when you join a gym. Besides classes that are offered for children and special events such as tournaments, you’ll find a variety of workout classes. Some involve using machines, and others offer variety, such as water ballet. No matter your age, goals, or limitations, you’ll learn fun and interesting new ways to work out. This prevents you from getting bored, and encourages you to go back and try something new. Even if it’s too cold to work outside, you’ll be able to have fun indoors.

There are many reasons to consider the benefits of a gym membership. You can get your whole family in on the act, and spend time together while working out. You’ll find there’s more variety in the gym, including machines that you may not have room for at home. This allows you to learn more, and vary the intensity of your workouts. If classes are your thing, many gyms offer a variety. You can take part in everything, from dancing to workout out in the water.

Keeping Fit Shaving Your Head and Dating


Let’s face it! It’s tough to be a single guy who is out there in the dating market after 40. You know that many single women your age or older are going for those younger guys, but you want to stand out as a quality guy who ages well. You can’t do anything to stop what nature is doing to your body, but you can keep it in the best shape possible and look your best. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Get back to the gym. Women could easily say that menopause changes their entire body chemistry, but aging also gives many men typical effects such as balding and low testosterone. As a guy, you may not have as much testosterone or energy as you wish you would, and health issues can make it difficult to keep up with dating and work life. If you want to feel more energy and hit the dating scene, then you should make time for the gym. This will give you endorphins to elevate your mood. It also helps you to keep your body in shape and be prepared to resist disease. Regular exercise can help you tone up your body and feel more energetic. Prospective partners find a healthy look to be positive, especially because it indicates that you could be ideal for a long-term match.
  2. Change your look. As guys, we can also shave our heads and adopt a more mature look. It’s about accepting where we are in our lives and then working with what we’ve got. If you are going to go to that level, you may also want to try a hair tattoo which makes it look like you have hair or augments that little bit of natural hair that you have. With a customizable look, you can appear to be any age that you want. You could also try a proven hair loss treatment to stop the balding or to regrow hair.
  3. Get out there and be social! You want to feel more manly in the body that you now have. So, you work out, feel healthy and athletic, sleep better, and eat well. Keep your clean-shaven hairstyle. It’s consistent with the times, maybe even grow a beard or a goat-tee. Remember, your self-esteem will impact your success in the dating world. You can do some self-reflection and try to accept your current look and work. This helps you build self-confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own body will help you get closer potential partners. If you want a good match, you’ll only want to keep the interest of the one that’s a real match.

Putting yourself into the dating world and aiming for success means that you must keep going out with new people and preparing yourself for potential rejections. You will meet multiple people who may or may not click with you even if there is an initial attraction. It’s better to take your time and find the partner with the right chemistry than it is to rush into a relationship with the wrong mate.


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How Bodybuilders are Turning to Non-dairy Plant Based Protein Powder


Protein shakes are a wonderful way to support muscle growth while cutting fat from your diet. For vegans and those sensitive to dairy, non-dairy plant based protein powder can offer similar benefits of whey without milk products.

Non-Dairy Plant Based Protein Shake Options

One of the primary benefits of whey and casein based protein supplements is that they’re complete; that is, they contain a full set of amino acids that can be completely put to use by the body when you ingest them, rather than needing to plan a combination of foods to build a complete protein. However, whey is not the only complete protein, and getting the combination right is not difficult.


Soy protein is a complete protein and has a higher level of glutamine, which is critical to new muscle growth and damaged muscle repair. However, soy has a high concentration of phytoestrogens and has been shown to impact testosterone levels, so many people prefer to avoid it. Additionally, soy is a legume, which may cause digestive sensitivity for some users.

Soy can be a prominent part of a vegan diet, such as in tofu and textured vegetable protein. If you’re concerned about getting too much soy, keep up on the tofu but consider using a different protein powder for your shakes.


It’s critical to point out that hemp is not marijuana. Hemp protein powder will not get you high, but it can help you control sugar cravings, reduce your risk of osteoporosis and help you maintain a clean colon. If you’re on any blood-thinning medications or suffer from a chronic viral infection such as herpes, you should not use hemp protein. Hemp protein powder is often available from organic sources and can either be stirred into almond milk for a protein boost or blended into a smoothie.


Pea protein is one part of a protein shake. When combined with brown rice protein, yellow pea protein offers a complete protein boost that is easily absorbed for an energy and muscle repair boost right after your workout.

Brown Rice

Brown rice protein powder is a great product to have in your kitchen and in your smoothie! This versatile protein supplement can be added to soups, quick breads and casseroles for a nutritional bump; heat will not harm it. Brown rice is a great option for anyone with blood sugar issues. It adds protein to your diet without causing the high insulin spike often associated with white rice.

Recovering Faster with Non-Dairy Plant Based Protein Powders

Building a workout routine requires adding in days of rest and time for muscle repair. Adding a non-dairy plant based protein powder shake to the end of your workout can help you speed muscle recovery. While whey is popular, cheap and a complete source of protein, it’s often highly processed and can cause digestive distress such as gas, diarrhea or constipation for some users. Non-dairy proteins can be great for your muscle development and your gut.

Five Classic AFL Grand Finals in History

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More than 5 million viewers are expected to tune in for Saturday’s AFL Grand Final and it promises to be a thriller, pitting the formidable Storm against plucky underdogs the Cowboys. Neutrals will be hoping for a classic, full of excitement and intrigue, but it will have to be special to break into the five greatest AFL Grand Finals of all time. Here we run through the greatest finals since the AFL was inaugurated in 1990, when it succeeded the VFL, and they will all go down in history as magnificent sporting contests that captivated the nation:

  1. St Kilda vs Collingwood, 2010

If you were to name the greatest Grand Final in the 140-year history of the VFL and AFL, it would have to go to the 1996 bout between these two sides. St Kila defeated Collingwood in an absolute nail-biter in front of 102,055 fans at the MCG, sneaking home by one point after dazzling heroics by both sides. But they also played out a cracking contest in the AFL era, back in 2010, when it ended in a draw. It was the only final since the AFL began to end in a tie, and no final will ever finish in a draw again thanks to new extra-time rules. It is always an anti-climax when a big game ends in a draw, but the 2010 final will go down as a cracker thanks to St Kilda’s remarkable comeback. They trailed by 24 points at half-time and eight at three-quarter time, but were resurgent and eventually took an astonishing lead with a goal from Brendan Goddard. But they suffered heartbreak as a long kick from Lenny Hayes bounced awkwardly past Stephen Milne to level the scores in the final minute. Collingwood went on to thrash Saints in the replay, but fans will long remember the first game.

  1. Brisbane vs Collingwood, 2002

This was an enthralling game played out by two tough teams as heavy rain lashed down on the MCG. Collingwood were in their first final since 1994 and were not given much of a chance after finishing fourth in the ladder and overcoming the odds to beat Port Adelaide and Adelaide and set up a showdown with the defending champions, the Brisbane Lions. Collingwood were expected to succumb to a one-sided defeat, but they battled bravely throughout a marvellous back and forth spectacle as the teams traded goals and points with great regularity. The margin fluctuated between three, four and five points throughout the game, but a late goal from Jason Akermanis gave the Lions a nine-point margin and secured victory. They went on to become AFL premiers for three seasons in a row, but this was their greatest victory, in a tense, high-pressured game of wet-weather football.

  1. Hawthorn vs Sydney, 2012

Head over to Oddschecker for the odds for the 2017 Grand Final and you will see that the Storm are the heavy favourites to beat the Cowboys, but the underdogs can take heart from the 2012 final. Hawthorn went into this game as overwhelming favourites, but were undone by a spirited Sydney team. It started perfectly for Hawthorn, who opened up a 19-point lead at quarter-time and looked to be cruising to victory. But the Swans rallied to devastating effect in the second quarter as Mitch Morgan, Lance Franklin and Clinton Young turned a 19-point deficit into a 16-point lead at half-time. Then it was Hawthorn’s turn to emerge resurgent after the break in this remarkably open final. By the end of the third quarter they had reduced the deficit to just a single point, and at one point in the final quarter they were in front by 12 points. But inaccuracy hit them hard and Sydney banged in the final four goals of the game to secure a 10-point victory in an exhilarating contest decided by a final minute snap from Nick Malceski.

  1. Sydney vs West Coast, 2005

This was not one of the highest-scoring finals, but it deserves its status as a modern classic thanks to the superb defending exhibited by both teams in a really close contest. It was an intense tactical battle, reminiscent of a game of chess, and a great final for the purists. There were near misses, drama and intrigue aplenty as the game ebbed and flowed and the lead changed hands consistently. Sydney were the better team in the first half and went into the break with a 20-point lead, but West Coast were resurgent in the third quarter and got off to a flying start in the final quarter to move ahead by 10 points. However, Sydney scraped back into the lead and were clinging on for dear life in the final seconds as West Coast sent a long kick back to the half forward line by. Leo Barry was the hero as he took a spectacular mark in the middle of a pack of Eagles players. It ended a 72-year drought for the Swans and Barry would forever be famous for the move that caught the cup.

  1. West Coast vs Sydney, 2006

These two were at it again the following year and this Grand Final was the greatest battle we have seen in the AFL era. West Coast got their revenge by beating Sydney in the most nail-biting fashion imaginable, sneaking victory by a single point, 12.13.85 to 12.12.84, in a match that had everything you could wish for from a Grand Final. It was a higher-scoring and more exciting game than the previous year, but it had a similarly thrilling ebb and flow to it. The Eagles were by far the better team at the start and led by 25 points at half-time, but they would have been kicking themselves for failing to turn their dominance into an even greater margin, especially when Sydney clawed their way back into it in the third quarter. There were just 11 points in it going into the final quarter and Adam Goodes set the tone by scoring after just 11 seconds. Thereafter it was goal for goal until the end of the match in a wonderful display of end-to-end football where all caution was thrown to the wind. The Eagles’ lead fluctuated between one and seven points throughout, and stood at just one point in the final seconds, with West Coast desperately defending, and they held out to secure a famous victory in the most intense final quarter ever seen.


Author bio

Martin Green is an experienced sports writer and has been covering the AFL for many years.

A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Up Boxing


How to get into boxing 

Boxing has soared in popularity in recent years and offers many benefits. Our beginner’s guide tells you how to get into this challenging yet rewarding sport.

Boxing as a sport has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, enjoying an increase of 30,000 participants in the last six months alone, including almost 12,000 women and girls. Offering an array of both physical and mental benefits, boxing’s growing popularity is unsurprising. If you’d like to experience these benefits for yourself, read on for our tips and advice on starting out in the world of boxing.

Why choose boxing?

With so many sports out there, why choose boxing? Well, first of all it’s one of the best all-round workouts you can do, burning in excess of 700 calories per hour, and helping you to lose weight, build muscle, increase fitness and improve your strength, speed and agility.  What’s more, it also benefits you mentally, acting as a great stress reliever, boosting self-esteem and instilling discipline and self-control.

Getting started

Before you head out and start boxing, first identify your motive for taking up the sport. Do you want to lose weight and improve your fitness, or do you want to compete more seriously? Nailing down your motives at this early stage will help you to choose the right gym and workout regimen for your aspirations. Boxing is an extremely physical sport and its sheer intensity can often be a shock to the system to beginners. Help get yourself prepared by doing all you can to improve your fitness and shed excess weight before you set foot in a boxing gym – a mix of high and low intensity cardio, such as sprinting and jogging, and a light weights workout are all great for this.

Choosing a gym

If you are serious about taking up boxing you will need to learn the correct techniques, which means finding a good boxing gym and trainer. There are lots of different gyms out there and finding the right one for you can be a bit of a minefield. It’s important to do your research, so look up different gyms online in your area and ask any boxing friends or acquaintances for recommendations. Once you have found some gyms you like the look of, go along to check them out and have a chat with the trainers. Be open about what you’re hoping to achieve (whether that’s improving your fitness or boxing professionally), what time commitment you can give and what your budget is.

As a general rule, you should look for a gym that has an encouraging atmosphere for beginners, and that has a focus on learning proper technique and continuing improvement. A good trainer should also be able to offer a workout regime that is tailored to your physical abilities.

Kit yourself out

Although you don’t need to spend a fortune when first starting out, it makes sense to kit yourself out with a few basic pieces of equipment. Hand wraps, a water bottle, a skipping rope and a good pair of boxing gloves should be all you need during the early stages – you can always invest in more, or better quality pieces of kit once you know for sure that you want to continue with the sport. When it comes to clothing, you don’t need anything fancy – a vest top and some Adidas boxing shorts will easily suffice.

What to expect

The key thing to be aware of is that boxing is hard work and, in the early days, your body will hurt – a lot! It’s strenuous, repetitive and tough on your body so you need to be committed if you want to progress. The other thing to be aware of is that it may be a while before you actually get in the ring. Your trainer will want to make sure you have mastered the basic techniques and are physically fit before putting you up to spar against another fighter, so you will likely spend a lot of the early days of your training doing bag work and improving your fitness.

Boxing is undoubtedly a challenging sport but it’s a rewarding one too, and with the right mental attitude, a desire to work hard and a strong sense of commitment, you’ll soon find yourself reaping the benefits of this majestic sport.

The Ins and Outs of Aussie Rules Football


Anyone going to Australia will soon learn about one of its favourite sports, Australian rules football. Despite its informal sounding name, it’s a serious sport with an established domestic league in place. You’ll see it regularly being broadcast on Australian television, and there are also Aussie Rules clubs in the UK and the US. 

A Brief History

Today, this mix of Gaelic football and football draws crowds up to 50,000. It caused players to become national heroes.

The game initially started in the late 1800s as cricketers grew bored with the long off-season in Melbourne. In response, they developed Aussie Rules football to keep themselves entertained and it quickly grew in prominence

The first recorded game of ‘Footie’ was in 1858 when Scotch College met the Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. Composite rules were used to make it distinct from other rugby type games.

The Victoria Football Association evolved in 1877. With it came original football clubs like Melbourne, Hotham, Albert Park, Geelong, and St Kilda. The Victorian Football League (VFL) followed in 1896. Eventually, this would evolve into the Australian Football League, or AFL.

To reflect the game’s illustrious history, the official home of the sport is Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Aussie rules football takes place on any Australian football ground or a modified cricket field. Two teams of 18 players take part in the game.

The main objective is to move the ball to the opposite team’s side of the field and kick it through their goal. You score six points by kicking the ball through the two goal posts. The highest score wins the game.

The ball remains in dispute at all times. Players can tackle with their hands and obstruct players with their bodies. They can go anywhere on the field and move the ball with any part of their hands; although there are rules on how they can handle the ball. Throwing and holding the ball isn’t allowed.

There are free kicks awarded for fouls. The mark is the most distinctive feature. Referees award possession of the ball to the team which catches a ball from a kick.

Football Season

The main football season, as organised by the AFL, lasts from March until September. Straight after the season ends, the cricket season begins. In the tropics, sometimes there are games during the wet season; from October to March. Pre-season games also occur in late February.


There’s no denying how popular Aussie rules football has become. It’s rich in culture and history and is now an integral part of the Australian conscious.

It’s more popular than any other type of football code. It’s consistently ranked as the top winter sport, according to the Sweeney Sports report. In the summer, it’s the third most popular sport; behind cricket and swimming.

It’s also caused a large upsurge in sports betting on the games and players. The most popular sports betting sites in the world (as ranked in have all opened betting for the sport, and even running promotions due to its expanding online fanbase.

In 2006, there were over 615,549 registered players. And the Australian Sports Commission said between 2001-2010 there was a 64 per cent increase in the number of players. 30 countries around the world now play the game.

It also gains the title as the most followed spectator sport. In 2007, over seven million people attended a game in person. In 2016, the AFL Grand Final was the most-watched broadcast in Australia, with an at-home audience of 6.5 million spectators.

Treadmill Tips for Keeping Fit


Keeping fit is essential for a person if they want their body to function properly. There are many health benefits of physical fitness.

Constant exercise helps you reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some cancers. Keeping fit also helps to control weight and improves your bones, mood and mental health.

One of the effective ways of keeping fit is by running or walking the treadmill. Contrary to the pounding of hard pavements, it is easier on your joints and cardiovascular system.

Ten tips for keeping fit on the treadmill

  1. Make sure you have everything you might need. Proper shoes and sufficient space behind the treadmill (in case you fall back). A hand towel and a heart monitor are also necessary.
  2. Make sure the treadmill is tested before using it. There is nothing funny about falling off a moving treadmill. The belt should be the correct size. The handrails should provide a good firm grip.
  3. Stretch or warm up before jumping on the treadmill. If you increase the speed of the treadmill without a warm up, your body will suddenly go too fast. That does not sound good.
  4. When buying, pick a good walking treadmill that will function regardless of how regularly it used. Look for discounts and sales worthy of attention but do not be afraid to go deeper into your pockets for a good treadmill. It’s worth it!

Otherwise, if you are not in a position to buy there is running machine hire available and treadmill hire in Cork here.

  1. Follow the rules of speeding on the treadmill.

If you are a beginner, start slow.

The speed should eventually be fast enough for your heart to race.

Walk at a speed that does not make you gasp.

  1. Make it fun! The more interesting your treadmill routine is, the more motivated you feel. Use whatever works for you. It could be music, a screen sliding your “body goals” pictures or inviting a friend.
  2. Regularly change your workout routine. Mix muscle building and cardio for a better outcome. Try the chest press machine, bench press, push ups and some weights!
  3. Use a treadmill that goes up to a 20% incline mode for good cardiovascular health and strong muscles. Decline mode can negatively affect your knees.

Remember to continually add four to five minutes to your workout session every week.

All the best in your keeping-fit-goals!

Want to Get Fit this New Year? The Top Ten Exercises You can Do at Your Office Desk



We spend a lot of time sitting down. If you don’t believe us, just think about it – you probably spend about eight to nine hours sitting at your desk, and you may be spending approximately an hour or two a day sitting down during your commute to work. Afterwards, you’re more likely than not sitting down for supper, sitting down in front of the telly, and so on. But sitting down for a good number of hours each day need not be bad for you if you can do some exercise, right? Fortunately, you can. Here are the top ten exercises you can do at your office desk daily.

Desk pushups

With your hands on your office desk, move your feet backwards until you reach an angle of 45 degrees. Then do as many pushups as you can – a dozen would be a good start.

Book lift

Grab a heavy book, hold the book behind your head, and extend your arms upwards. Drop the book down then repeat the process.

Shoulder squeeze

Pretend you have a pencil between your shoulders. Then imagine squeezing the pencil between the blades of your shoulders. Repeat the process several times.

Neck squeeze

Sit up and move your left ear downwards until it’s parallel to your left shoulder. Hold the pose for several seconds then do the same thing on the right side.

Upward reach

Lace your fingers together and try to reach up as high as possible. Make sure your palms are facing upwards whilst you do it.


Raise both your shoulders up to your ears then hold the pose for several seconds. Release and repeat the process several times.

Knee hug

Bend your right knee and lift your leg up. Then grab your leg with your arms; try to pull it as close as possible to your chest. Hold the pose for ten seconds then release.

Open up your chest

Whilst sitting down, bring your two hands to your back and try pressing your hands together. Make sure you are sitting up and hold the pose for the next five to ten seconds.

Looking over your shoulder

Turn your head to the right and try looking over your right shoulder. Hold the pose for five to ten seconds and repeat the same on your left side.

Chin drop

Let your chin drop to your chest and then roll your head in a gentle motion from one side to the other.

After these 10 exercises to do at your desk, reward yourself with a snack, some office small talk, or even with an exciting game of bingo online. Go ahead, you deserve it – as much as you deserve a healthier you for the new year.

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Prepping for a Football Game: Flipping the Field




With football season in full swing, many fans have prepped for the season by joining a fantasy football league. Others might’ve planned parties with friends and family to watch their favorite teams take the field on game days. There’s also a lot of people who make plans for tailgating and enjoy the games live in person. While you may have thought to plan ahead on what you’re going to bring to your friend’s house for the big game, have you ever thought of all of the planning and prepping that goes into getting the field and stadium ready for game day?

There’s a lot that goes into getting the gridiron ready before kickoff, especially if the field is shared between multiple teams. There are 13 NFL teams that still share their football stadiums, and this infographic from Equipsupply shows the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to prep football fields for game day.

How to Flip A Football Field

Online Casino Games with Deposit Bonuses



Many people like to play casino games, but not everyone can get to the local casino on regular basis, that is if there is one that is local! That’s why online casino games are becoming more popular all the time, and the choice of options is quite amazing. Some people like to play casino games regularly in order to try and make a profit; others find it a relaxing pastime and play for a few minutes in their spare time. Indeed, it’s a great way of enjoying yourself in your break at work, or in the evening when you have little else to do.

The only problem you have is finding the best one to play, and there are certain things to look for when you search. For example, did you know you can register with some online casinos without even making a cash deposit? It’s true: you simply sign up and, as a thank you, they will give you a bonus to begin your playing. This bonus may be cash – there are many variations depending upon the casino you choose – or perhaps in free games, and there are also other potential bonuses, too.

Your Deposit Matched

One popular form of incentive is for the casino to match your initial deposit; this is usually offered to a certain level, and once more it depends on the casino itself. The websites are not all casinos, however; many of them are now operated by leading UK bookmakers, and offer excellent options and a wide variety of games. We found a great site offering information on the best casino sites called casino in the UK, and it is well worth a visit if you are interested in trying new games or looking for a new online casino.

The benefits of the casinos on the site are many, and it is perhaps the matched deposit offer – by far the most popular option in the UK – that is the most attractive. Initial offers range from matching £100 to many thousands of pounds, so the casinos cater for everyone from the casual player to serious gamblers. Choose wisely, and you may be in line for a serious windfall!

Choose the Right Casino

Most online UK casinos offer a variety of games; blackjack, roulette, poker and slot machines can all be found, and they are fun to play and well designed. The beauty of the online casino is that you can play from the comfort of your own home, or your office, or even the local pub, and enjoy a wide choice of excellent games and potential returns. Whether you are a regular player or simply looking for something fun to do online, it could be that online casino games offer you entertainment that you will enjoy, so check them out now and see what you think.